1. kjs

    Thanks For All The Great Info On The Site

    I am in Phoenix and have been keeping fish for years. Gave up saltwater completely a couple years ago but kept freshwater. Until recently, I had only the occasional annubias or sword in my tank. I am now making the leap into the heavily planted tank.
  2. M


    Thank you for accepting me in the forum
  3. S


    I am Sachin from India. Been into planted aquarium hobby for 1 years.
  4. D

    Free: RAOK / Contest inspired by Dennis.

    Since dennis is doing a contest, I wanna do one. yea. btw this shiz is grown emersed. 6 Portions (about 2" - 4") of Brazilian pennywort 6 Stems of L. repens 6 Stems of L. Rubin 10 Stems of L. Arcuata 6 Stems of bacopa monnieri 6 GOLFBALL SIZE PORTIONS OF Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides A few...