1. K

    Next Phase Of Aquarium Tank Design

  2. L

    Another Newbie Needs Help With Dying Plants In 75 Gallon Tank

    Hello all, Thanks for reading this, hopefully some of you will be able to help me out. I have a 75 gallon freshwater tank stock with a bala shark, 9 tetras, 6 danios and 2 albino bristle nose plecos. The tank had been experiencing extremely high nitrate level so I decided to get some plants to...
  3. J

    Brand New

    Hello. I'm brand new and and am signing up to be able to learn more in preparation to setting up a planted tank. Thank you for this site. I look forward to learning a great deal.
  4. F

    Tips Of Leaves Going Brown In High Tec Tank

    Hi I've got a high tec tank. High light pressured co2 I'm going the ei fert method but some of my plants are looks brown on the tips
  5. D

    Overstocked? What Do You Think? 20 Gallon

    Hi! I have a twenty gallon tank and i stock 9 congo tetras and 7 green barbs, do you guys think it is safe enough for them to live together or will they start nibbing each other? and do you also think it's too crowdy for a 20 gal tank? Here's a picture before I added the congo tetras... And...
  6. P

    Starting 75 Gal. Tech Planted Tank Setup Questions

    I am returning to the aquarium hobby after 10 years away. I had just started growing plant with CO2 when I was forced sell out all of my tanks. I have just set up a dry startup with Amazonia 2, several tissue culture grow out plants, and a 46.5 in. Finnex 24/7. Surprisingly, the plants are...
  7. W

    Wes's First Post And First Tank

    Hey guys I have recently decided to get my first tank after playing around with my friends' for awhile. Tank: 20 gal long 30'*10'*10' Light: two Senzeal X5 (anyone know the par rating for 10') Substrate: Used organic soil and eco-complete for substrate (might add white sand in between the rice...
  8. Bert336

    Parameters For Ei Planted Tank

    Hi Gurus, I am not so beginner in terms of aquarium experience but recently just plunges to have a planted tank set up for my discus. I want to know what should be my paramaters in Nitrate, Phosphate, Potassium etc for me to have 2x a month of 50% water change. I do not know if this is better...
  9. K

    Newish 75 Gallon Planted Co2 Tank Lighting Advice

    Hi, I’m new to the forum; this is my 2nd post. I have been researching a lot here in the last month or so, learning a lot but still timid in cranking up on ferts, light, and co2. I’m trying my best to slowly make adjustments. What I really need most right now is advice on starting points for...
  10. Seattle_Aquarist

    45 Gallon (high); A Pikez Inspired Tank

    Hi All, As you may be aware, I was at the Aquatic Gardeners Convention (AGA) here in Seattle last spring. Unfortunately, because our local club was hosting the event I and I was busy working in the background and missed most of the presentations. Fortunately for attendees there are videos...
  11. Stacie McMullen

    Trying Again With Plants In My 150g Discus Tank

    I am starting this journal with three purposes: Document what I am doing so I can fix things when problems arise... and I know they will. I am hoping to receive constructive criticism and advise from you folks here at BarrReport to avoid some of the pitfalls newbs like myself run into. I...
  12. kizwan

    Newbie Aquascaping

    Tank #1 Using commercial substrate for planted aquarium. Just enough to make 1 inch deep substrate in 2 x 1 x 1 ft tank. Gravel as shown in the photo below also just enough to make 1 inch deep cap on top of the substrate. 1st day Only Rotala Indica 17 days Re-planted Rotala Indica (+ add...
  13. J

    Improving Blackwater Tank Plant Growth

    Hi everyone! I just set up a new 5 gallon blackwater tank :) I'm going to let it cycle (to the extent that a tank whose PH is going to be in the 4's or 5's will cycle) for a month before I add a light or any plants...which brings me to my question; what can I do to improve plant growth in a...
  14. T

    Are Diatoms Good For Your Tank?

    After watching "One Strange Planet's, I found out that Diatoms are what makes the Amazon grow. Especially a surge of Diatoms and the a killing of Diatoms causes a major source of fertilization. Therefore, is it a logical conclusion that we need to increase Diatoms and then quickly kill them to...
  15. Angelyn

    55g Dsm/walstad Tank: Month 1

    Month 1: So far I have the tank, painted the rims and the back/side panel black to increase the depth. Have my DHG and lighting ordered (plan on getting s repens as well), went a little overkill on my substrate so I'll just be using what i haven't already on another tank or for the emerged...
  16. Dd1880

    Best All Around Substrate For Monte Carlo Low Tech Tank?

    Hi everyone! I was thinking about doing a carpet of Monte Carlo or similar looking carpet plant and was wondering what was the best complete substrate that would last years. I know aquasoil would be the best but would rather not have to change it all out after a year or two. Is there a aquasoil...
  17. M

    Considering A New Tank!

    Have had a good year this year and the wife says I can upstage my tank! (Hard to pass that offer up!!) I am looking hard at the Waterbox tanks but can decide which to get. One of the things I was wanting for my new tank was a sumo as opposed to a canister filter. Is it worth getting one of the...
  18. Dd1880

    Monte Carlo Possible In This Tank?

    Anyone know if it would be possible to grow a carpet of Monte Carlo in my 29 gallon no co2 tank? I dose Nilocg thrive for my rrf, java fern and Anubis. I have a Chihiros rgb 60 set at 50% now and am slowly raising to get the rrf red. Was just wondering if it was realistic to grow MC since I saw...
  19. S

    Div Chiller For 540l Fish Tank

    Hello [email protected] Im wondering if anyone did try or have it expericne to do that. I know The KING of DIV offer somenthing what should work but i could find more information. Im from UK and this summer was especially hot and my temperature in tank reach 31 degrees. Now constantly the temperature is 27...
  20. T

    Co2 Advice In A New Tank

    Hi guys, I need your help from your knowledge and experience, i started a new tank, 300 liters/80 gallons and with hardscape and substrate i have around 250 litters of water. I have several doubts but my biggest concern is related with co2 and algae. I have a ph controller and i putted the co2...