1. R

    T5ho Bulb Choice For 65g More Dutchy Style Tank.

    I need to get bulbs for my stores 65 fw display tank (36*19*24) I have 6 bulb fixture already but its time to change bulbs and the ones i currently have don't bring out the reds or blues as much. I know some people just do all reds and blues, and some just do 6500k's, and some do one of each. I...
  2. burr740

    120 Gal Dutchy Freestyle - Now with 50% more Dutch!

    So this is a journal for my new 120, which replaces my long running 75 gallon. For anyone who followed the previous tank, this one will be basically the same style with just a bigger footprint. First planting, about 2 months ago. Tank 48" x 24" x 24" Marineland 120 gal CO2 GLA Grow 1...