1. P

    Wanted: Syngonanthus Caulescens

    Looking for a few of these. Thanks.
  2. Dennis Singh


    short for syngonanthus domination I'm doing this journal because I love sharing my pictures and what better platform to do so than thebarrreport. This will mainly be a picture thread updated weekly or less. thanks for looking this is mainly a syn only tank but my collectoritis gets the better...
  3. Dennis Singh

    For Sale: Syngonanthus 'Rio Uaupes'

    Half of my cost, not even with international shipping a la cart $15 per stem 5 x stems $58 shipped 10 x stems $100 shipped
  4. rodoselada

    Wanted: Syngonanthus Rio Negro Giant

    Please somebody can sale my this plant Syngonanthus Rio Negro Giant
  5. K

    Substrate for Syngonanthus etc

    I have a soft water tank with Syngonanthus belem and Tonina fluviatilis, but they didn´t form any root. What is the best substrate for this plants? Nutrient rich f.eks. Plant substrat from Tropica or? Should I choose fine or more coarse gravel? Kurt