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    For Sale: Nupro / Swagelok Ny-2m-k6 Vernier Handle Kit

    Hi, I have 4 of these kits which I am willing to sell (25 each) I purchased a few of these for some DIY regulator builds but I have too many projects going on. If anyone is interested just drop me a line. I honestly would prefer trade for aquarium related items. Looking for plants, mosses...
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    Swaps: Pearlweed

    Hi, I have 20-25 stems , 2-3 inches long of pearlweed, they names it right,Im looking for Rotala roundifolia or ludwigia arulata-repens, or similar thanks..
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    Swaps: Petrified wood

    i have a lot of east Texas petrified wood From van zandt county. Mostly small pieces with some 4-6 inches. I'm going to hunt for bigger ones this week. I'm open to trades for plants,driftwood, fish, or shrimp Or ?? Pm me for details Thanks
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    Swaps: Looking To Trade For AR. "mini"

    Looking to Trade For Ar. mini, I can trade you Althernanthera Reneckii for it. Or ammania sp. 'bonsai' (emersed) Or other plants if you want, do pm me please for further discussion if interested, Also Looking for Cabomba Furcata and Pogostemon Erectus