1. Scryllarus

    What Sort Of Substrate To Use For Growing Crypts From Regions Emersed

    Edit: looks like I messed up the title. It's supposed to say "from different regions" not "from regions" Hi, this is my first post on this website, so apologies if I did something wrong I'm looking to re do my emersed crypt setup to meet each species specific needs, as right now they're all in...
  2. C

    Substrate Recommendations

    Hello, I am getting back into the hobby after about 10 years. Thinking about what type of substrate I should go with and just due to cost I think I will stick with sand. I’ve heard pool sand is coarser than play sand which is a plus, don’t want any compacted nasty spots plus I know how messy...
  3. A

    Can I Use Colorado Red Dirt/clay?

    Hi everyone I've been reading and reading for about 2 months now, and I think using a good source of iron in my substrate will be a good thing for my planted tank, which I have not even started yet! I live near Boulder Colorado, so I'm thinking a cm of natural red dirt / clay from the area...
  4. C

    Miracle Gro Performance Organics?

    Hi all, I'm trying my first dirted tank and trying to follow the Walstad method. Will this soil work: It's the Miracle Gro Performance Organics All Purpose In-ground soil. I'd like to know if I need to...
  5. eVolution

    Dust On My Plants And Ligtning

    Hello there, I'm new to dirted tanks, but read some articles and posts about them and decided it was a great way to get lot's of nutrients in for my plants without having to refresh water all the time. I've mixed some clay with forestsoil, washed it and then let it all rest and dry for a week...
  6. A

    Composted Hardwood Humus?

    Hi everyone. I'm another newbie! I've done some unsuccessful searches through the various forums, so I hope I'm not repeating a question. I can get this compost from an organic garden-bed supply place called "Soil Rejuvenation" so I thought that was a good place to start! The description...
  7. D

    Aquasoil Kh Buffers

    I am planning to build my first planted tank with aquasoil (most probably with tropica, since thats the one I found in my near fish shops). Currently all my planted tanks are with inert gravel & root tabs, and I add Saltyshrimp GH/KH+ to my RO water. Should I buy only the GH additive to keep the...
  8. Joe Ader

    Mixing Avance Soil Help Plants With Advance Soil Help Shrimp For Eriocualon Only Tank?

    Hi Everyone Im working on setting a 10 gal tank for Eriocualon Species Only Species: Goias. Feather duster Malayattor Sielboldium Cinereum Parkerii Possibly in the future others I have read in most places that Erios like some Peat in the substrate and more on a acidic side I know...
  9. shoulan

    Substrate Support Interfering With Root Growth?

    I started a new tank a few months ago, using ada amazonia and some uns controsoil (since I ran out of amazonia) as substrate. There have definitely been other problems (like algae) that I'm struggling with which might have an effect, but most of the plants I've added seem to have trouble with...
  10. rs18alpha

    Iron Capsules In Substrate With Water Column Dosing

    I've read that some plants require more Iron than others so they'll turn Red and stay Red. So if I'm dosing the water column is it ok to use iron capsules in the substrate as well?
  11. C

    Mineralized Top Soil Killed My Livestock

    So I went to Home Depot and bought a cheap, big bag of the stuff and followed the instructions. It was during the summer so I was able to lay it out under the sun (what do you do during the wet, dark, cold winter?) and mineralize it until it got that grainy texture. Added clay and dolomite and...
  12. M

    Question About Aquasoil Cycling

    If I follow the water change schedule recommended by ADA, should I be adding equilibrium on every water change if my gh is only 1-2 out of the tap? Also, what is the reason that ADA recommends using carbon in the filter for the first month and is this necessary?
  13. M

    Cleaning Aquasoil

    Do you try to disturb aquasoil in an attempt to reduce organics in the tank (fish poop)? I've been using a pipette to disturb the top layer then siphon but it takes a long time to do the entire substrate. I have about 50 shrimp and lightly feed fish. I'm not sure if there's a good amount of...
  14. 1

    How Far Above Substrate To Have Intake Of Filter

    I have a 55 gallon breeder. I am curious to know how far above the substrate to have the intake of the filter Thanks
  15. rs18alpha

    Adding Substrate On Top Of Plants

    I'd like to add some substrate in the back of my tank to add height to the back. I have Rotala H'ra in the back. Can I add the substrate on top of the plants? It would cover the bottom 1/3 or so of the plants. Or do I need to remove the plants and then re plant them?
  16. rs18alpha

    Adding Substrate On Top Of Plants

    I have plants that are in the back of my tank. I'd like to add more substrate to the back to make it higher. Do I need to pull the plants out? Or is it ok to put the new substrate in the tank and cover the bottom 1/3 or so of the plants??
  17. rs18alpha

    Reusing Substrate??

    I tore down a tank about two weeks ago. I have some Fluval Stratum with a little sand and pea gravel that's been in a bucket for two weeks. Is ok to re use this stuff? There's a little old tank water in the bottom of the bucket. If I rinse it out really good will it be ok to use again?? I just...
  18. Lilyann

    Adding Aquarium Soil

    I am putting new substrate/soil in my tank and was hoping to get some assistance in order to not expose my fish to any rising levels of ammonia from soil. This is a well-established 30 gallon tank that has been running for about 8 years, but I know, despite this, that I will experience a...
  19. rs18alpha

    Using Exo Terra Riverbed Sand Brown Aquatic Terrarium Substrate

    I know this is called Aquatic sand. Has any one ever used this stuff? I've been looking for brown sand to try in a freshwater tank.
  20. P

    How Do You Clean Your Substrate?

    Probably a simple question but it is something that i cannot find a definitive answer. Reading many different posts in many different forums it is clear that disturbing the substrate can release ammonia and subsequent algae issues. So to aid plant growth and prevent algae, how do you clean...