staurogyne repens

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    Staurogyne Repens Become Curled And Pale

    Can anyone identify what's going on with my Repens? My weekly dose: NO3 = 3.5ppm PO4 = 7ppm K = 24-30ppm Ca = 45ppm (due to low Ca on my tap water). During WC, only added to the water changed) Mg = 6ppm Iron 0.12ppm CO2 = 2 hours. Almost yellow when the light begins. Almost 1d Ph drop...
  2. Staurogyne Repens

    Staurogyne Repens

    If you want a robust green plant that remains low and forms a rich bush look no further. S. repens has become a staple in many aquascaping styles. It can be used as a midground plant in nano aquariums, as a transitional plant or outlining the hardscape in middle sized aquariums or as a carpet in...