1. V

    Co2 For Biocube 14 Gallon With Stand?

    Recently got a bio cube 14 gallon and stand for a steal, 200 bucks for both brand new. I was wondering what was a good appropriate co2 tank size that will fit perfectly under the stand? Also if anyone has pictures of their bio cube setup I would be more than happy to view those to get some ideas...
  2. A

    What BBA can’t stand

    I love aquatic ecosystems and I’ve kept aquariums and ponds for most of my life. I noticed that BBA may grow in the aquarium at some point, but in 40 years I never, ever got BBA in my ponds, not even a single spot of it. In my ponds I may get many other types of algae, with the long green...
  3. geektom

    Removable panels for tank stand

    Hey all- does anyone here have experience with, or can point me to, building removable panels for their stand? I have a large tank project planned for next year; one of the conditions from the better half is that it look "furniture quality". I want to make sure I always have easy access...