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    Spectrum For White Plants?

    Hello, first time posting. I am an amateur aquascaper and a few months ago, I acquired some glossostigma elatinoides platinum. Normally, glossostigma grows super quickly like a weed and I’ve never had an issue with it. I am growing the platinum (white variant) emersed from a tissue culture in...
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    Question: Tuning The "spectrum" Of Led Lighting

    I have a general line of thinking that I'm hoping someone out there can help me with. A number of today's LED fixtures offer the capability to "tune" the spectrum of the fixture by varying the relative output of individual LEDs on the fixture with different "color" outputs. I have two...
  3. Light In Planted Tanks

    Light In Planted Tanks

    The purpose of this article is to touch upon some of the less discussed aspects of lighting, the spectrum, the differences between fluorescent lamps and LEDs as well as the factors possibly responsible for inducing red and orange coloration of plants. It builds upon my knowledge of...