soft water

  1. MoreliaViridis

    Mg Deficiency With Super Soft Water?

    I have very soft tap water where I live. I was kinda thinking about dosing Ca and Mg but did not actually dose any. And this is what happened to my 29 gallon Crappy pic but I see some new leaves that are pale with veins and old leaves with dark spots. Mg? Or could be Iron? I did have NPK and...
  2. Dennis Singh


    short for syngonanthus domination I'm doing this journal because I love sharing my pictures and what better platform to do so than thebarrreport. This will mainly be a picture thread updated weekly or less. thanks for looking this is mainly a syn only tank but my collectoritis gets the better...
  3. R

    I'm Rosalie and I keep Bettas

    Hi - I have a few planted tanks - I started one at work nearly 2 years ago. I'd kept Bettas awhile back, but it was in the 80's so I did some online research, thinking there was a better way than the little bowl I'd used before. Wow! I learned about planted tanks and decided to try the Walstad...