1. Harris Tiu

    Lifespan Of Ada Amazonia

    Hey All, I've read that ADA Amazonia will deplete of Nitrogen after 1 year, but all the other nutrients are still in the aquasoil. Is this true? Thanks
  2. Harris Tiu

    Dhg & Ada Amazonia Normal

    Hey fellas, I am planning a scape with DHG carpet on ADA Amazonia. Will DHG grow healthy on ADA Amazonia Normal Grain? or will i benefit from using ADA Amazonia Powder instead? The reason I ask is because the powder grain costs quite a bit more. Thanks
  3. kizwan

    Aerating My Soil Using Hydrogen Peroxide

    Hello, I want to reuse my old substrate. This is basically full rescaping in a year old tank. However, the new stem plants failed to developed roots or even if it grow roots it is unhealthy with dark color. I think the substrate become anaerobic because there's bubble coming out of it when...
  4. R

    Ada Amazonia—buffering And Livestock

    Hi all, I've done a fair amount of research on aqua soils, and I think I'm going to switch out Eco-Complete for ADA Amazonia in my 30cm cube. My only questions are about how the buffering capacity of ADA Amazonia affects plants, fish, and shrimp: 1. How quickly does Amazonia buffer water...
  5. C

    Hydroton Fact? Used? Information?

    Hello guys.. did you knows about Hydroton or LECA (based on Wikipedia)? they told us that is LECA provide more oxygen for the roots better because they will absorb any ion more, include gas or nutrient... is it true? If so, could they also absorb CO2 from decomposition organic material in our...
  6. Corne

    Ei And Inherent Gravel?

    Is it possible to get lush growth of stem plants using EI and an good CO2 regime in combination with an inherent substrate like fine gravel? Or do I always need nutrients in an inherent substrate like roottabs/ osmocote ect?
  7. kjs

    Really At A Loss In Choosing New Substrate For Tank Upgrade

    I have a well established 55g pretty heavily planted medium light tank with beginner plants (water sprite, cabomba, hornswort, annubias, java moss, cryptocorne, amazon sword . . . I also have shrimp, fish and a few snails. My tank parameters are ph 6.7, dh 8, kh 6, nitrite and ammonia 0 and...
  8. E

    Ada Amazonia In Established Tank

    I'm planning on swapping out my Black Diamond blast sand substrate for ADA Amazonia in my 1 year old cycled and planted 10 gallon tank. I've searched the forums/online but can't fine a solid answer on the best way to do this. The most common options I've come across are: 1) Swap substrate add...
  9. Phantom_ws

    Help Regarding New Planted Tank Substrate

    Hello; I have never kept a planted tank before but they always inspired me a lot. The main reason of it the availability of resources. Some mandatory things required for good planted tanks (as i've read on multiple forums) are not easily available in my country. Now, cutting the long story...
  10. W

    What Dirt Should I Use For A Dirted Tank?

    I want to dirt my 20 long. What dirt should I use? It would have to be a dirt you can find at Lowe’s and Home Depot
  11. N

    Aquasoil + Diy Substrate ?

    Hello! My name is nathalia and im from uruguay. Here it is very hard to find commercial substrates for planted tanks thats why I brought a 9L ADA Amazonia Aquasoil bag from brasil in my bag . The thing is that im setting a tank with this base dimentions: 40cmx80cm (16inx32in). For that size i...
  12. J

    Aquasoil Dust Storm, Suggestions?

    hi all, I’m new here but fairly experienced with planted tanks. My teens have recently started their own nano tanks, both with aquasoil, tanks are working well without complaint. The weird thing happened when one kid used the leftover aquasoil to scape a third tank, to make a level change and...
  13. J

    Will My Multiple Substrate-type, Deep "sand Bed", Plenum Be Effective? Or Just Way Overthought? Lol

    So I have been in the process of building a 56 gallon "column" high tech planted tank for the better part of 6 months now. I have slowly been collecting each item (along with some limited DIY building) and am FINALLY almost ready to add water. May be a little late now lol but wanted some...
  14. 7

    So I Stuffed Up... Ada Amazonia Soil

    Long story short. Re-running this tank that had 1.5 years of ADA Amazonia in it. I cleaned out the tank and out of habit from my goldfish keeping days, rinsed the soil only to find out after you’re not supposed to. Now do I... Add another layer of Amazonia on top Scrap the entire 5 bags of...
  15. L

    Is Inert Substrate With Root Tabs Enough?

    Hi guys. I am saving up to putting some good lights on my 325 liter aquarium. I already inject pressurized CO2 and will start EI dosing soon (lower doses since I only have a moderately planted tank and for the next couple of months low light). Anyway, I'd like to be able to grow some medium...
  16. C

    Substrate Recommendations

    Hello, I am getting back into the hobby after about 10 years. Thinking about what type of substrate I should go with and just due to cost I think I will stick with sand. I’ve heard pool sand is coarser than play sand which is a plus, don’t want any compacted nasty spots plus I know how messy...
  17. A

    Can I Use Colorado Red Dirt/clay?

    Hi everyone I've been reading and reading for about 2 months now, and I think using a good source of iron in my substrate will be a good thing for my planted tank, which I have not even started yet! I live near Boulder Colorado, so I'm thinking a cm of natural red dirt / clay from the area...
  18. C

    Miracle Gro Performance Organics?

    Hi all, I'm trying my first dirted tank and trying to follow the Walstad method. Will this soil work: It's the Miracle Gro Performance Organics All Purpose In-ground soil. I'd like to know if I need to...
  19. eVolution

    Dust On My Plants And Ligtning

    Hello there, I'm new to dirted tanks, but read some articles and posts about them and decided it was a great way to get lot's of nutrients in for my plants without having to refresh water all the time. I've mixed some clay with forestsoil, washed it and then let it all rest and dry for a week...
  20. A

    Composted Hardwood Humus?

    Hi everyone. I'm another newbie! I've done some unsuccessful searches through the various forums, so I hope I'm not repeating a question. I can get this compost from an organic garden-bed supply place called "Soil Rejuvenation" so I thought that was a good place to start! The description...