1. BettaBeGood

    Seachem Equilibrium Root Tabs??

    hello I been dealing with srunted curling twisted growth on my Pogostemon Stallata, Pogostemon Helfiri, rotala macandra mini butterfly, limnophilia sessiflora, limnophilia aromatica,rotala sp green,A.R,mermaid weed,rotala nanjenson and blyxa japonica. I think that's it. Lol 40gallon breeder...
  2. S

    Dosing Seachem

    Hello, i need some help dosing seachem comp. and seachem iron. How much should i dose in a high light tank with EI makros? Greetings Sebastian
  3. D

    Fake Seachem Products Claims

    Hi, i'm currently staying in Vietnam and i have noticed a lot of claims have surfaced recently about bottles of fake seachem products here. This claim made by people on facebook showed two seachem advanced products but one had a darker print on it while the other had a lighter print. I have...
  4. I

    Seachem Equilibrium Adds How Much K??

    I use RODI water, and so I have to add around 8 grams of Seachem Equilibrium to reach around 6dGH for my 5 gallon planted tank. This also adds...80ppm of Potassium? I know that people say overdosing potassium is not a worry, is this really true? I've also heard that an overdose will limit...
  5. E

    Seachem Excel Vs Nilocg Enhance

    Does anyone have any experience using Enhance instead of Excel? I've seen many comments on other forums which suggest they are basically the same ... Glutaraldehyde However, Seachem has also posted comments which state that their product is more than just Glutaraldehyde, and also includes...
  6. B

    Need Roi Mineral Help

    Hello! I'm new to this forum, but I wanted to clear a few concerns of mine up before I begin cycling my tank. I have been researching how to add minerals back to ROI water properly, what products to use, and how much to use, but it never seems like I can get a straight answer, so hopefully some...
  7. L

    Calculation Of Seachem Flourish Nitrogen

    Hi all, I ran some calculation on the seachem flourish nitrogen fertiliser as it is difficult to access KNO3 directly in Hong Kong and I probably need to use the seachem flourish as my primary N source. I know the product is mainly for nitrogen increase but there are presence of potassium in...
  8. F

    Excel Initial Dose

    I've always had a question about the initial dose of Excel. According to the bottle it is recommended that you dose the tank 5ml per 10 gallons then daily dose is 1ml per 10 gallons. I've also read that Excel completely dissipates after 24 hrs therefore the reason to dose daily. So the...