1. M

    How Should I Dutch Scape My 20 High?

    Hello everyone, new to the forum. I'm looking on ideas for how to scape my 20 gallon high. The tank has co2 injection, black blasting sand, and osmocote pellets for fertilization. In my previous tanks, plants I've had success with are: -Ludwigia inclinata cuba -Dwarf sag (I hate this one)...
  2. Dd1880

    Continually Evolving Scape!

    I set up my first scaped tank about 2-3 months ago. I started with seiryu stone, uns controsoil, Carib sea sand and spider wood. The plants I used were Ludwigia acrtuta, inclinata, anubius nana petite, crypt parva and a small Java fern from my other tank. I stocked the fluval flex 9 gallon with...
  3. N

    25gal Low Maintenance Scape

    hi guys. New to the forum. Just sharing out some information over one of my scapes Tank Volume 25 G Lightning- custom designed by a friend Fauna- Paskai Rainbow, Neons, Otos, Sae and 4 variants of Neo Cardinia
  4. S

    Journal Of My Waterbox Platinum Pro 190.5 Scape

    This will be a journal of my new tank setup and Dutch scape build. This was the initial idea.
  5. Beni

    45cm Garden Cube Nature Scape

    This will be my third aquascape, and the first using an open top garden cube. I learnt a lot from my last two attempts and am really excited to have a good quality tank and equipment to scape for the first time (my last tank was makeshift / modified and didn't really work that well). The...
  6. S

    400L Low Profile Scape

    So to start with, here are a couple of snaps from my first attempt with Aquasoil, about two years ago. Plants went nuts, RCS went nuts: Even these little guys went nuts: It was by no means perfect. I had algae, just not that much for the amount of effort I was putting in, but plants did...
  7. Beni

    125l (33G) Customised Juwel Rio Scape

    Hi all, I guess you would say I'm somewhere between the beginner to mid experience range (leaning more towards beginner) when it comes to aquascapes. In the first aquascape (same tank as below) I've followed guides such as tropica and used liquid firts from Cal-Aqua Labs with some moderate...
  8. D

    "Tiny Things" Emersed Mini Scape...

    Plants in this Mini Scape are as follows: Ludwigia Repens Pearlweed (HM) Bacopa Monnieri
  9. D

    "Balance" 65 Gallon Dutch Aquascape, ((( Plants Are In!!! )))

    Well I can finally start the 65 Gallons journal! what a toy this will be, my first high tech but not my first Dutch. I previously practiced many different aquascapes in my 5.5 Gallon and my Fluval V 5 Gallon. But this will be my first Large aquascape. I bet some people are anxious though since I...