sbreef lights

  1. SingAlongWithTsing

    Sbreef Fresh Water Led 165 Watt Par Data

    Got my Seneye Reef Monitor today, recorded every combination of settings I can think off in increments of 10%. Recorded PAR, Lux, Kelvin, and PUR Product: PAR Data...
  2. SingAlongWithTsing

    Tsing's 135

    Figured I start a journal here to get more advice :D April 6th, 2017 Hardware Tank: Aqueon 135 Gallon 72.5" L x 18.5" W x 24.5" H Stand: DIY 75.5" L x 20.75" W x 32.75" H Filter: CPR 102 Overflow, Tom's Aqua Lifter, Using Visio 55 Gallon as a sump...