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    Merry Christmas - What Is The Problem With Rotala Rotundifolia

    Hi guys, Merry christmas, Do you know why my rotala looks like the leaves are broken? It grows well but there is this look? Is it due to a known defficiency maybe?
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    For Sale: [big Sale!!] Staurogyne, H. Pinnatifida & Augustifolia,rotala Rotundifolia & Wallichii, A. Reineckii

    Hi All, It's that time of the month again! I did another massive trim/reorganization of my tanks and have a lot of plants to sell. I have ALOT of staurogyne repens grown submersed as well! Take a look at the prices and pictures below. The pictures are the actual plants for sale. - Staurogyne...
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    Rotala rotundifolia flower
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    Rotala rotundifolia flowerstalk
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    Rotala rotundifolia flowering