1. V

    Help with stunted Rotala growth

    Hi all , I am constantly getting stunned growth on some of my rotala’s , help needed to find what might be the issue and how to fix it. Tank : 60*30*34 set up for 4months Light : Chihiros wrgb2 60 at 45% all for 6hrs with 30mins ramp time. Filter : Sunsun 302 Fertiliser: 1ml APT complete daily...
  2. M

    Deficient Rotala Wallichii

    Hello all, not sure what my rotala wallichii is deficient of or what is causing it to look like this, as I seem to have all bases (pH maybe not) covered. KH: 4dKH GH: 6dGH PH: 7.2 (I think wallichii likes relatively acidic water but let me know) Nitrates: 20ppm Phosphates: 0.5 to 1ppm...
  3. N

    Rotala Florida Care Tips?

    Hello! I'm new to high tech tanks and have my first one set up for 2 months now. I picked up some Rotala Florida 2 weeks ago to try some of the trickier plants and was wondering if anyone had tips on what this one likes? My other plants are all doing fantastic so far. This one i started with 5...
  4. E

    Bleach Dip For Hydra?

    Hey everyone! I have some Rotala Wallichii coming soon and I was curious if anyone had any experience dipping to kill potential pests (hydra) and particularly with the Wallichii. I got some hitchhiking hydras in the past and I would like to prevent it again with the Wallichii but I have read...
  5. Ramosior And The Droop

    Ramosior And The Droop

    I’d Like to first start off by simply saying that this was just an experiment that I decided to test out. I have only been in the hobby for about 1 year and 7 months: Take this info as you wish. I am not claiming this to be a solution of any sort, there are people that have been around a lot...
  6. Allwissend

    Rotala Sp. 'cambodia'

    Thought I would upload this here as well. Rotala sp. 'Cambodia' is part of the wallichii like group. The red stem coloration is quite consistent under high light and the leaves seem to be more robust and shorter than the typical R. wallichii. The red is also deeper than Rotala sp. 'Vietnam'...
  7. joraan

    For Sale: Rotala Enie!

    Anyone wants Rotala Enie ?? All you see in the picture...maybe 25-30 stems trimming(NOT with Root)~$38 to your door.
  8. M

    For Sale: Rotala Pack

    Selling 15 stems of rotala sp. green 15$. Price includes shipping. Stems will be 6+inches and likely have roots. I may need to cut in half to fit in the packaging.The stems are long enough to cut in half so you will have around 25-30 stems. 3 packs available.
  9. M

    For Sale: Rotala Sp. Green

    selling 60 stems of Rotala sp. Green. 5-8 inches per stem (most around 8 inches). Asking 30$+shipping.
  10. C

    Rotala Sp. 'colorata' Twised Again

    Hello everyone, I am from bad English coming to Taiwan. I used google to complete the next conversation. After a period of effort My ROTALA still appears twised I did a lot of experiments and it lasted for a while. But still failed Normal and abnormal are planted in the same block When new top...
  11. T

    Rotala Not Growing

    Hi Guys I am not able to grow rotala species i am dosing ge at 0.07ppm fe twice a week no3-15ppm p-0.1ppm
  12. R

    What’s Wrong With This Rotala?

    Hello there! I was hoping to get some clarity on the issue I’ve been having with this Rotala I’ve been struggling with. I’ve been searching here and on TPT and it seems like Either an iron deficiency...or an iron toxicity! The plant has become very stunted and you can see the spots on the...
  13. D

    Rotala Butterfly Bicarbonate Errors?

    Original message removed. Suffice to say that I found that my API KH reagent was under-reporting well before it's expiration date. The bottle was nearly empty and something must be happening when the reagent bottle is nearly empty to reduce potency.
  14. M

    Wanted: Rotala Sp. Green And Bacopa Caroliniana

    Looking to buy a good amount of these 2 stems from 1 seller
  15. E

    For Sale: [sold] Erio Breviscapum, Hygro Pinnatifida, S Repens, Dwarf Hair Grass, Myrio Guyana, Rotala

    Hi All, I got another batch of plants I'm trying to sell to make room for new growth! The plants shown are pictures of the ACTUAL plants for sale! Here's what I got for sale: Picture 1 (top left to bottom right): - Hygrophila pinnatifida L x1 pot $3 (4 stems of ~8" tall) [3 available] -...
  16. B

    Merry Christmas - What Is The Problem With Rotala Rotundifolia

    Hi guys, Merry christmas, Do you know why my rotala looks like the leaves are broken? It grows well but there is this look? Is it due to a known defficiency maybe?
  17. rs18alpha

    Rotalabutterfly Vs. Aquarium Calculators

    Now I'm confused. These two sites have some differences in the amounts of ferts to mix. For instance, Rotala say to (mix 40.05 grams) of mgso4 in 250 mil water and dose 15ml to get 1.57ppm of mg per dose. That's 4.71 ppm per week. Aquarium calculators says to (mix30 grams) of mgso4 in 250mil...
  18. L

    Rotala Macrandra 'mini Type 4' And Rotala Orange Juice Leave Discoloration

    My rotala macrandra 'mini type 4' and rotala orange juice leave have severe discoloration, not in a good shape. I have no idea what went wrong, here are my spec and dosing regime. Can advise me know what went wrong? Mine is a 47gallon tank, 90x45x45cm.I using a zetlight zt6400 and chiller...
  19. E

    For Sale: Bolbitis, A. Reineckii & More!

    Hi All, I've done a massive trim of many of my tanks and have quite a bit of plants to sell. The attached pictures are the actual plants for sale! - NEW Rotala sp green x1 pot $6 (2 left) - NEW Rotala wallichii x1 pot $5 (3 available) - NEW Staurogyne repens x1 pot $6 (3 available) - NEW...
  20. Neil

    Strange Rotala Macrandra Behaviour!

    Hello Everyone .. :) There is a weird thing going on in my tank.. Last week i got 2 Rotala Macrandra Variants i) R. Macrandra Mini Butterfly ii) R. Macrandra Narrow leaf... Almost every other new plants in my tank are settling down gradually ... and So the Macrandra MINI BUTTERFLY. The weird...