rotala wallichii

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    Deficient Rotala Wallichii

    Hello all, not sure what my rotala wallichii is deficient of or what is causing it to look like this, as I seem to have all bases (pH maybe not) covered. KH: 4dKH GH: 6dGH PH: 7.2 (I think wallichii likes relatively acidic water but let me know) Nitrates: 20ppm Phosphates: 0.5 to 1ppm...
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    Bleach Dip For Hydra?

    Hey everyone! I have some Rotala Wallichii coming soon and I was curious if anyone had any experience dipping to kill potential pests (hydra) and particularly with the Wallichii. I got some hitchhiking hydras in the past and I would like to prevent it again with the Wallichii but I have read...
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    For Sale: [sold] H. Pinnatifida, H. Corymbosa, Pearlweed, Rotala Wallichii

    Hi All, I've got a large plant pack that I'm trying to sell [ASAP] so I can break the tanks down. Price is $20 shipped. The small flat rate USPS box is going to be PACKED. - Hygrophila pinnatifida LRG x2 pot (~7 stems, ~4+" tall) - Hygrophila corymbosa MED x2 pot (~7 stems ea, ~2 to 3" tall) -...
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    Rotala Wallichii