rotala butterfly

  1. M

    K2so4 Too High For Pps-pro

    Hi, Old hand at aquarium (1st plant tank in 1990's), new to dry fertilizers. The calculator is set for the following "20 us gal", "a solution", 500 ml container size, 15 ml daily dose, "Perpetual Preservation System". In the spreadsheet screen capture below, the top ("barr") has values...
  2. Patrick Toulze

    Just Donate $10 For Calculator, One Question About It ?

    Do you have a way to adjust for the difference in dry nutrients concentrations between suppliers. I guess, you will have to play in the inner code of the calculator. Do you have infos on that and a way to download the calculator files. I have a local server that I can use to modify it to my...
  3. D

    Rotala Butterfly Bicarbonate Errors?

    Original message removed. Suffice to say that I found that my API KH reagent was under-reporting well before it's expiration date. The bottle was nearly empty and something must be happening when the reagent bottle is nearly empty to reduce potency.
  4. C

    Thrive Data Needs Updating

    I've been trying to match the Elemental data on my bottle of thrive with the data from the Rotala Butterfly calculator. I tried dosing 1ml in 1 litre in the calculator. Nothing is matching. For example my bottle of thrive says elemental Nitrogen is at 2.56% that would correspond to 25.6ppm of...
  5. F

    Request For Inclusion Of Calculation For Ultramax Micro Nutrients

    Hi, Faizan here I want to request to you that can you please add calculation for the brand Ultramax Micro Nutrients. For micro fertz. I will be thankful because i don't have any micro fertilizer here in Pakistan and have only this brand that k have found recently.
  6. rs18alpha

    Rotalabutterfly Vs. Aquarium Calculators

    Now I'm confused. These two sites have some differences in the amounts of ferts to mix. For instance, Rotala say to (mix 40.05 grams) of mgso4 in 250 mil water and dose 15ml to get 1.57ppm of mg per dose. That's 4.71 ppm per week. Aquarium calculators says to (mix30 grams) of mgso4 in 250mil...
  7. P

    I Try To Understand Thrive Ferts Numbers

    Hello! I already have Tropica fertiliser. The numbers given by the calculator are easy to understand. Click here to see composition of the tropica fertz. The maths are easy to understand. For iron, the composition says 0,069%. So, for a dosage of 1ml for 10L, we will have a composition...
  8. A

    H3bo3 & Znso4.7h2o Tsp Bug

    Hi all~~~ please check Thanks! ============================================ H3BO3 0.01 / 0.01 / 0.003 Your addition of 10 mg H3BO3 to your 127L aquarium adds: Element ppm/degree B 0.01 Your addition of 10 tsp/caps H3BO3 to your 127L aquarium adds: Element ppm/degree B 0.01 Your...
  9. L

    Calculation Of Seachem Flourish Nitrogen

    Hi all, I ran some calculation on the seachem flourish nitrogen fertiliser as it is difficult to access KNO3 directly in Hong Kong and I probably need to use the seachem flourish as my primary N source. I know the product is mainly for nitrogen increase but there are presence of potassium in...
  10. X3NiTH

    Znso4.7h2o Error In Sulphur Content

    When doing the 'result of dose' calculation (not tried it other ways) it appears to report back with a Sulphur ppm two orders of magnitude greater than it should be, Thought it couldn't be right so I had to double check the figures using the WebQC chems calculator. The zinc calculation is...
  11. U

    Rotala Butterfly Nutrient Dosing Calculator

    Hi is there a possibility that you can add Iron(II) Sulphate to the calculator to make iron fertilizer. Would really appreciate it a lot. Thank you
  12. 3

    Calnutrient Dosing Calculator 'g' (gram) Setting For Premixed Giving Ppms Calcs Off By 1000x

    attached screenshot shows 1g of flourish nitrogen adding ~15 grams of N to a 1L aquarium. seems like this bug affects all the compounds under Premixed. p.s sorry for the typo in the title.
  13. Seattle_Aquarist

    Calcium Ppm In Cacl2

    Hi guys, it's been a couple of weeks and no response to my last post in this thread....I believe your CaCl "Result of the dose" level for CaCl2 is way, way off.
  14. Seattle_Aquarist

    Rotala Butterfly Calculator

    Hi All, Would you please re-check the Cl and Ca levels for "Calcium Chloride", they seem way too low for Calcium dichloride especially when CaCl2+2H20 it so much higher.
  15. R

    Rotala Butterfly Calculator Error?

    I am attaching 2 images. Please view them and make the necessary adjustments in nutrient dosing calculator if applicable. Good day.
  16. Jason King

    Nutrient Dosing Calculator

    Fab & Myself have been busy over the last few days updating stuff on the calculators and i thought i would share this with you :) ill add the other calculators later today or tomorrow. Enjoy :)