1. PhilipS

    For Sale: Bunches Of Alternanthera Reineckii Var Roseafolia

  2. M

    Reinekii Deficiency

    Hello! I've had a 40G heavily planted tank for over a year now. But reinekii never seem to stay alive. Everything else grows like crazy. If anyone knows what could the problem be I'd appreciate it! My tank info: Filtration: Canister filter for 90g + 2 hanging cascade filters (over filtered)...
  3. R

    Mystery S.repens Melt Spreading To A. Reineckii Mini

    Last week one of my S.Repens stems did the mystery melt thing and started spreading out to other stems. I removed the offending stems but then noticed that the same issue was spreading to my E.Acicularis mini as well as my A.Reineckii mini. In the pic you can see the Repens leaves starting to...
  4. E

    For Sale: [big Sale!!] Staurogyne, H. Pinnatifida & Augustifolia,rotala Rotundifolia & Wallichii, A. Reineckii

    Hi All, It's that time of the month again! I did another massive trim/reorganization of my tanks and have a lot of plants to sell. I have ALOT of staurogyne repens grown submersed as well! Take a look at the prices and pictures below. The pictures are the actual plants for sale. - Staurogyne...
  5. E

    For Sale: Bolbitis, A. Reineckii & More!

    Hi All, I've done a massive trim of many of my tanks and have quite a bit of plants to sell. The attached pictures are the actual plants for sale! - NEW Rotala sp green x1 pot $6 (2 left) - NEW Rotala wallichii x1 pot $5 (3 available) - NEW Staurogyne repens x1 pot $6 (3 available) - NEW...