1. C

    Wanted: Red Cherry Shrimps

    Like the subject says. If you want to get rid of some for cheap hit me up plz. I’m setting up a new tank. Looking for 25 - 50 red cherries, shipped. Thanx.
  2. M

    Stunted Ludwigia Sp Red.

    Hello Community! I've been having some trouble growing ludiwigia sp red on my highly dense planted tank. The new leaves seem small and twisted, sometimes diagnosed as calcium deficiency or as CO2 deficiency as Tom Barr responds in almost every thread I've read. My tank: 40 Gallon planted and...
  3. L

    Indoor Grow Light In Planted Aquarium

    Hi. I have a Planted tank, i use a DIY lighting system wich consists in two ecosmart led of 14watt each one(My Aquarium is 30Litters ) I wanted to know if the use of a grow light would be benneficial yo My plants, specially the red ones.
  4. J

    Red Plants For Modest Par Levels?

    Hi everyone! I am setting up a 5 gallon/19 liter CO2 tank and - after doing some research (including on this forum) - want to keep my substrate PAR at about 30-50 umols to keep some semblance of stability in the tank. My question is, are there any plants that will readily turn red under such...
  5. R

    Plant Id, Red Common Plant

    Which plant this is? I didn't have any success with it previously, Now I am running DIY co2, low to medium light for 6 hour(algae issues) and using root tabs + Seachcem flourish + DIY Potassium + DIY iron. Hopefully, it grows well.
  6. R

    Plant Id, Red Common Plant

    Which plant this is? I didn't have any success with it previously, Now I am running DIY co2, low to medium light for 6 hour(algae issues) and using root tabs + Seachcem flourish + DIY Potassium + DIY iron. Hopefully it grows well.
  7. M

    Ludwigia Sp Red Mini Deficiency

    My Ludwigia sp red mini has been showing some unusual colors in its leaves that eventually fall off. The color is a grayish green I would say. They still show new growth but some still show these leaves. Tank is a month old. Setup and parameters are the following: 20 gallon tank Amazonia light...
  8. Dd1880

    Red Root Floaters Don’t Have Red Roots!

    I have these red root floaters and they have covered almost the whole top of the tank! They had long red roots when I got them and that nice bubbled look to. They all started to melt and die at first until I took the top off my tank and put them in a corral! I also got a Chihiros rgb 60 to...
  9. Dd1880

    Oily Film Between Red Root Floaters!

    I have these rrf and like them. Wish the roots were red and maybe the tops a lil but not yet. I need to raise the light but every time I do I get algae on the glass and have some hair algae on my JF and Anubis now! They stayed to flower despite what I thought was impossible unless it had high...
  10. Dd1880

    Red Root Floaters Not Red!

    I got these red root floaters a few months ago and they melted off pretty quick and I lost the ones that were bubbled on top and had big red roots! They have grown back and cover the top. Just they are flat, and green and the roots are green and small! I dose Nilocg thrive 3 times a week 3 pumps...
  11. J

    Radion Xr15fw G4 / Kessils / Red Plants

    Hi all, Im currently looking at lighting options for a tank that is 48" Long by 24" wide and 18" Height. Ive been contemplating, kessils either two 360s or two 160s or two Radion XR15 FW G4 led fixtures. The only red plant im planning on having is Alternanthera reineckii. I understand Kessils...
  12. A

    Can I Use Colorado Red Dirt/clay?

    Hi everyone I've been reading and reading for about 2 months now, and I think using a good source of iron in my substrate will be a good thing for my planted tank, which I have not even started yet! I live near Boulder Colorado, so I'm thinking a cm of natural red dirt / clay from the area...
  13. R

    Ludwigia Japan Red Discoloring

    So recently my favorite plant ludwigia Japan red has been yellowing and curling not much has change with my parameter or really consumption. So I am really confused. CO2 I try to maintain a full pH drop of 1 but sometimes it's a little heavy or slightly weaker but I try to keep an eye on it...
  14. P

    I Like Too Grow Red Plants

    I have a 30gal. 30x17x12d. I do have co2. I like a light sits on the tank. Can you help Ed
  15. rs18alpha

    What's The Name Of This Red Plant?

    Does anyone know the name of this red plant on the driftwood?
  16. Neil

    Hygro Turning Red & Macrandra Showing Deficiency Signs

    Hello guys ... ! Its been a month and a half now ..! It seems Rotala Macrandra isn't doing good and that reddish tint on Hygrophila Leaves confusing me...! Its been a couple of weeks now since the HC leaves having red pigmentations on it... Is it something to worry about ? Monte Carlo...
  17. joraan

    For Sale: Red Plants Mostly.

    Rotala Green ~15 Stems. Hand full of Najas Roraima. Pogostemon Erectus~ 5 stems. Lud. Pantanala~5 stems. Alternanthera reineckii ocipus~Big and beautiful red color~8-10 Stems. Ludwigia Senegalensis~ 5-7 stems. Ludwigia Super 'Red'/mini red~5-8 Stems. All for $ 62 Shipped. Guaranteed live...
  18. joraan

    For Sale: Red And Green!

    8-10 Stems of Pantanal. 10~ish Stems of Pogostemon Erectus. $59~Shipped.
  19. Dave Fryling

    Help With Red Root Floater Phyllanthus Fluitans Deficiency?

    Help...? I seem to be having both good and bad luck with my red root floaters. Lots of new growth, but also alot of melt(?) in the established growth. Does this look familiar to anyone? What am I doing wrong? Tank= 12inch UNS cube, escaped within the last 2 weeks. Phyllanthus fluitans is a...
  20. Razvanvirna

    Wanted: Rotala Florida, Eriocaulon Red And Ludwigia White.

    I want to buy these plants for now. Shipment will be to new york. anyone has them please contact me so we can arrange the details.