1. J

    Aqua-medic 1000 Co2 Reactor

    I'm getting ready to start up my 125-gallon tank. I will be using a sump for this tank. The tank was originally used as a reef tank and was set up with hard (PVC) plumbing. So, my question is, I have a manifold plumbed above the sump and was wondering if I could use the manifold to replace the...
  2. E

    External Co2 Reactor

    Hi everyone I know this is a topic that has been discussed quite intensely on this site and on others but I've only really seen DIY projects. So I decided to play around with some ideas. This is very rough and incomplete. So the goal is to get as close to 100% diffusion as rapidly as possible...
  3. D

    Converting Griggs Reactor To Venturi

    Hello, I have a 4" Griggs style co2 reactor with about two Sunsun 304b canister filters attached to it putting out around 1000gph. It works well but wanted to improve the efficiency by finding a way to chop the bubbles up with an external pump. I though I was inventing something until I found...
  4. Mossbrush

    Diy Inline Aquarium Co2 Reactor

    I am using 10” filter housing for many years, and since the housing can be used for many purposes I went to convert it into CO2 reactor. In the setup there are sponge filter and activated carbon for two stages before CO2 reactor. Some of parts I have used are listed below: 1. Pentek 10-Inch...
  5. P

    Rex Griggs Reactor With Fx6 Issues

    I have my RG CO2 reactor set up and running. 3” PVC approx 30” overall height, filled with media balls 2/3rds the height. My CO2 is added via a T fitting before the reactor. I know this is not the typical RG reactor configuration, however I have serious concerns drilling and a fitting a line...
  6. E

    Using A Co2 Reactor In A Sump

    Has anyone had success with using a stand-alone CO2 reactor in a sump? (versus returning the water to the tank directly) I'm running a 40 gal sump beneath a 130 gal display tank, and I'm diffusing CO2 directly into the display tank using an Atomic ceramic diffuser. For purely aesthetic...
  7. rs18alpha

    Ista External Co2 Reactor?

    Has any one used this reactor? I was thing about purchasing the Sera Flore reactor. The Ista is less expensive, but I don't know about the quality?
  8. J

    Using Phosban Reactor For Co2

    I'm in the process of setting up and installing pressurized Co2 into a 55 gal planted aquarium. After the frustration of searching for quality commercial Co2 reactors, I followed up on the suggestion from my LFS to use the Two Little Fishies Phosban 150 Reactor. It will be inline from an Eheim...
  9. dj2606

    Calcium Reactor?

    Hey folks, I have a few questions for anyone who has or is currently using a calcium reactor for Co2 diffusion. What reactor are you using? What is your bubble rate? What size tank are you using the reactor on? How long does it take for 1 degree Ph drop? What is your effluent rate? Thank you...