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    For Sale: Ludwigia Whites, Rare Eriocaulons, Moss.

    Ludwigia "WHITES", Rare Eriocaulons, Mosses, OtherzZ ^___^;; USPS Priority Mail = $9. Mind your weather. I take (Paypal friends/family OR ADD FEES, Venmo, CashApp, Zelle) ========================================= 5 x Ludwigia "WHITES/PINK" (These are super white/pink, and beautiful as...
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    Wanted: Quality Rare Cryptocorynes

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for a variety of rarer aquatic cryptocoryne species and I am curious if anyone has a selection of crypts for sale with pictures. Thank you!
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    For Sale: *sale* Rare Ludwigia Whites, Eriocaulons, Buce Moss, Others! *sale*

    USPS Priority = $8 ==================================== ==================================== 3 x Ludwigia "WHITE" ( These are FULLY ROOTED, NOT CUTTINGS! )= $21 5 x Ludwigia "WHITE" ( These are FULLY ROOTED, NOT CUTTINGS! )= $30 10 x Ludwigia "WHITE" ( These are FULLY ROOTED, NOT CUTTINGS! )=...
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    For Sale: *rare* Eriocaulon Bolivia 2002, Eriocaulon Japan Shiga, Buce Moss, Java Spring Aka Mini Weeping Moss

    *rare* Eriocaulon Bolivia 2002, Eriocaulon Japan Shiga, Buce Moss, Java Spring AKA Mini Weeping Moss $8.00 USPS Priority. ======================================================= 1 x Super Healthy, Fully Rooted, Eriocaulon Bolivia 2002 = $30...
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    For Sale: Rare Crypts: Xtimahensis, Mini Silver Queen, Jacobsenii Pink &pangkal Pinang!

    Rare Cryptocoryne All emersed, no algae, no snail Cryptocoryne Xtimahensis (this is a very rare crypt, it only found at a restricted area located in Singapore, no wild collection anymore) 1pc for 60USD Mini Silver Queen (picure shown as Mother plant, the actual plants are little smaller...
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    For Sale: *rare* 2x2 Loose Portion Of Buce Moss!

    *rare* 2x2 LOOSE PORTION of Buce Moss! Generous Portions. $35 + $8 USPS Priority.
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    For Sale: Spiky And Pointed Spear Moss Mats (wysiwyg)

    Got few 4"x1.25" mesh pads of these rarely offered moss for sale... Healthy moss grown in low light no ferts tank so it's safe you want to put this in your shrimp tanks... Asking for $20 each pads, Spiky or Pointed Spear of your choice, and if you buy 2 (1 of each or the same) it's $36... 3 and...
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    For Sale: Rare: Eriocaulaceae Setaceum 'keyari Sou'

    I have this nice RARE plant sp to sell, few stems only avialable... It's grown on a high-tech setup, CO2 and LED lights... Selling it for $12 per stem (with 2 crowns) or 3x stems (with 2 crowns each) for $30, length of stem is at least 6"... Plant is still in the tank and will pull out/trim if...
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    For Sale: Crazy Summer Sale! Rare Stuff And Uncommon Package! Look No

    USPS Priority = $8 2 x Eriocaulon "Quinquangular" Red = $35 1 x Eriocaulon "Malayatoor" = $9 1 x Eriocaulon "Sulawesi" ( Smallest Eriocaulon ) = $15 3 x Rotala Mexicana "Araguaia" = $15 2x2 on SS Screen Buce Moss ( NO ALGAE, VERY LUSH, NOT NEWLY TIED ) = $45 5 x Alternanthera...
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    For Sale: Bunches/ala Carte (common To Rare) Plants

    So I have estimates of the plants I will trim... First to list are the bunches, the count posted is the 'minimum' so expect to receive more stems... And of course, will throw in a few random FREEBIES! 7x Sphaerocaryum malaccense = $10 6x Rotala mini 'butterfly' = $8 SOLD 5x Limnophila...