1. I

    Seachem Equilibrium Adds How Much K??

    I use RODI water, and so I have to add around 8 grams of Seachem Equilibrium to reach around 6dGH for my 5 gallon planted tank. This also adds...80ppm of Potassium? I know that people say overdosing potassium is not a worry, is this really true? I've also heard that an overdose will limit...
  2. D

    Sodium Balanced By Potassium?

    Hello, I go straight to the point here. My tap water has 60 ppm of Sodium (and 40 ppm Ca, 8 ppm Mg, 5 ppm K and a ph=8.4). Can i fight Na issues by increasing K so that K>Na? Or such Na level is out of scale and requires a RO system? I would appreciate your thoughts. Many thanks. Regards...
  3. Filantrops

    Fe-edta And Potassium Gluconate Solution Diy

    Greetings, I am out of my depth. I hope someone here can help out an aquarium novice. I have Potassium Gluconate powder and Fe-EDTA 13,3%. I would like to mix them into water solution and add to my aquarium with some 250L of water in it. But I cannot figure out amounts for the solution and...
  4. gary

    Kno3 Potassium Nitrate

    Just wondering if Kno3 ferts are consist of 13-0-44. if so, I'm surprise there's very little of Nitrates.
  5. rs18alpha

    Potassium And Iron Deficiency?

    I'm dosing 7.5ppm NO3 - 1.7ppm K from KH2PO4 - 1.9ppm K from K2SO4 0.2 ppm Fe from CSM+B 40 galB med light CO2 I'm very close to having everything perfect in my tank.. The plants in question are my Anubias. I'm seeing small holes with yellow around the edges of the holes. Also some of the...
  6. bshenanagins

    Potassium Deficiency?

    Based on these images is my hygro suffering from low potassium? I've done a little searching but I just wanted to make sure. My other plants are not showing the same symptoms so I'm just curious, I read somewhere that potassium is the first to be depleted in a soil based substrate however I...