pool filter sand

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    My first 75 gallon - no CO2, soil capped with sand

    FTS as of 10/20/2023: hey everyone! I wanted to post some pics of my new 75 gallon I set up. It's the largest tank I've ever personally owned, but I've been taking care of aquariums for several years now. I will be transferring all the contents of my planted 40 gallon into the new 75. I will...
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    I Feel Like My Ar Mini Is Doing Ok? 10 Days Growth

    This was tissue culture AR Mini. It's in a 10g with pressurized co2, finnex planted plus 24/7 CC, EI dosing with GLA dry ferts ( 1/2 micros ) and pool filter sand substrate with osmocote+ sprinkled all the way down by the glass when the tank was set up. I didn't really notice the growth until...