1. F

    How Much Po4 Actually?

    I made a fertilizer from KH2PO4, so I can add PO4 to my plants. From the rotala butterfly, I made the calculations and I came up with 2.54 ppm of PO4 per week. So if I put 12 ml of that solution per week I should take 2.54 ppm of PO4. I divided to 4 ml each time I dose, so 3 times per week. I...
  2. rs18alpha

    Dosing High Po4?

    One article says to dose high N and P for red color plants. And another says to dose Low N and High P and K for red plants? And another article says to dose high P in general. I'm zeroing in on my numbers, but I'd like it if I could get some more in put from any one who has an opinion.
  3. L

    How much PO4?

    hello from Slovakia .... i have one question... in my tank i have plants whitch eat lot of PO4 (microsorum, bolbitis, anubias) in 300 liters tank. my question is: how much do PO4 add each day? now i am on 0,9 ppm daily.... but its too low. your experience with PO4 and this plants? i have...
  4. P

    PO4 - Consumption/Relation With N/K/FE

    Good morning, A tank running since first June 2016. Specs: 100 real liter tank CO2 Injection 20 to 25 PPM Fertilization by Tropica Specialised 10 to 12 Pushs a day. Water change 30% twice a week Highly Planted with Tropica Pots 1/2 grow of 15 different species. Led Lighting 4000 lumens...
  5. C

    Is aquasoil ADA amazonia light powder pumping PO4 ?

    hi all, I have a question for you, if you have this king of experience here is the situation : I'm starting a new Tank with Eleocharis sp mini (10 boxes) in 129L (33G) I'm adding CO2, enough light (Led dennerle tropica 48w during 7h) and I'm adding dry fertilizer and I have an issue with...