1. T

    KH issues with Planted Tank with Discus

    Hey everyone! I having been battling with myself on what is the correct thing to do. I have. 125 gallon discus planted tank with some other fish that go well with discus in it. Also have a 40 gallon goldfish tank. I have been using strait RODI water in it. The first fill was with strait tap...
  2. N


    Renewd my interest in aquarium plants after finding native plants from my area of coastal North Carolina. I have collected some and adapted them to aquarium.
  3. PhilipS

    For Sale: Plethora Of Plants

  4. L

    Co2 Grown Plants Into Non Co2 Tank

    So my question is what happens to a plant that's been grown in a co2 environment and put into a non co2 environment? Is the die back minimal ?
  5. D

    Couple Of Plants Stunting

    Brand new to the forum and hoping to gain some knowledge regarding my tank and the plants I am having a bit of time with. Have NESAEA PEDICELLATA GOLDEN and ALTERNANTHERA ROSANERVIG both of which are providing stunted tips. Interestingly both are in a good spot for the CO2 and receive a direct...
  6. MoreliaViridis

    Melting Tissue Cultured Plants - Go Emersed?

    I swear by tissue cultures normally but I am having continuous failure in my 29 gallons. After planting them shortly they start turning brown and mushy from the root end and eventually melt completely. I have heard they are especially weak to ammonia spikes from soil and my soil is indeed...
  7. Dojoscapes

    Hello From Europe!

    Hello Im relatively new in the aquarium hobby I hope will learn something new and useful everyday here
  8. S

    Shipping Plants - Need Advice

    hi all, First time shipping plants and need help with the following : AR, Bacopa, crypt wendti, hydrocotle, Java Moss. Most importantly Frogbit. Thanks Pete
  9. G

    My Plants Have Deficiencies ... Help Please

    Hello everyone, This is my first post on this forum, and I'm coming to ask for your help to help me to solve a problem in my aquarium. So, I have deficiencies on some of my aquarium plant, and I can't seem to know the cause of these deficiencies. I will therefore detail my installation as well...
  10. J

    Aquatic Plants And Algae

    Hello guys my name is joel and i come from a tropical country very close to the equator where temperatures here sucks throughout the year, in which it is really hot and humid. I'm pretty new to this hobby as in planted aquarium and i have some problems i would like to tackle. In particular for...
  11. P

    For Sale: Various Aquarium Plants

    Have the following plants Minimum $20 order please. Relatively new on this site but I am on other sites if you are looking for feedback. Eriocaulon Vietnam - $5/plant - 10 available. Bushy plant. Stays Low. Bolbitis (Creeping fern) - $8/plant 3" Rizome. Leaves min 7-8" long HC (Baby tears) -...
  12. WilliamBowman


    Have a planted tank and a shrimp tank. Don’t know what I’m exactly Looking for. I like and have java ferns Xmas moss, but want my tanks heavily planted. So what you guys have for sale.
  13. L

    Another Newbie Needs Help With Dying Plants In 75 Gallon Tank

    Hello all, Thanks for reading this, hopefully some of you will be able to help me out. I have a 75 gallon freshwater tank stock with a bala shark, 9 tetras, 6 danios and 2 albino bristle nose plecos. The tank had been experiencing extremely high nitrate level so I decided to get some plants to...
  14. D

    Growing Plants Flooted In Water (green Roots)

    Hello, Plant roots that are exposed to water and light will turn into green color and become tough. lets say its uprooted "hydrocotyle" or the lfs just keeping them flooted. Is it ok to buy a plant looks like that? and whats the difference if it was normal plant white root and been planted in a...
  15. Joshua Nathan Davies

    Don't Panic!

    We can be very disciplined when it comes to tank maintenance and sometimes we are unable to maintain the routines for some reason. I was unfortunately out of town due to the corona pandemic and came back to my tank which needed a good maintenance. Heres how I handle it!
  16. B

    Suggestions On Plants Non Co2

    Hello could I get your suggestions on what plants to use, 1st time at a attempting to plant. it's a fluval edge 12 gal no top to the tank so it's fully open and not using C02 . I have a co2 system but not looking to use it from the start. I'm also considering to do a Dry start . Also your...
  17. Joshua Nathan Davies

    How I Plan My Aquascape

    So I thought I would share on my approach to setting up an aquascape. I tend to have a spur of the moment inspirational ideas. These ideas begin with seeing other people's work and finding my own twist to the idea. I think it is really important to not copy someone's scape exactly but to...
  18. J

    Red Plants For Modest Par Levels?

    Hi everyone! I am setting up a 5 gallon/19 liter CO2 tank and - after doing some research (including on this forum) - want to keep my substrate PAR at about 30-50 umols to keep some semblance of stability in the tank. My question is, are there any plants that will readily turn red under such...
  19. Stacie McMullen

    Trying Again With Plants In My 150g Discus Tank

    I am starting this journal with three purposes: Document what I am doing so I can fix things when problems arise... and I know they will. I am hoping to receive constructive criticism and advise from you folks here at BarrReport to avoid some of the pitfalls newbs like myself run into. I...
  20. H

    Spectrum For White Plants?

    Hello, first time posting. I am an amateur aquascaper and a few months ago, I acquired some glossostigma elatinoides platinum. Normally, glossostigma grows super quickly like a weed and I’ve never had an issue with it. I am growing the platinum (white variant) emersed from a tissue culture in...