1. B

    Planting A Crypt. With The Pot It Came In.

    I have a heavily planted aquarium. Not on purpose my plecs seem to bother newly planted plan by knocking them loose. Is there a pot or can I use the one that comes with plant to plant the Crypts. in my aquarium. Thus reducing the chance of the plecs knocking them loose. Has anyone done this or...
  2. J

    Hi, I Am New To Planting A Low Tech Aquarium.

    I have 3 tanks in all. a 5 gal divided with 2 betta and a divider between them.I also have a 10 gal with one betta in it and no plants so far. The 10 gal tank , that is on my computer desk has some java moss attached to driftwood and another plant attached to a rock. I have a gold white cloud...
  3. KeeperOfASilentWorld

    Avoiding Pests - Initial Planting

    Dear Experienced Planted Tank Keepers, I invite you to share all knowledge of the techniques used for avoiding pests at initial planting. Instructions on doing plant dips? Any stress and/or harm? How much do they work when done in the limits of the stress free zone, if one exists? Thank you :)
  4. Bumblefish

    Eriocaulon Planting Advice

    Hello everyone! I recently acquired a pack of tissue culture Eriocaulon cinereum which had 3 small heads with roots about 2mm long. I am finding it extremely difficult to keep the heads anchored in the aquasoil powder until they root. I've tried JBL plant clips and they seem fairly well...