1. A

    Building A 300 Gal Planted Discus Nature Aquarium Tank

    Hi guys, I am in the planning phase for my new "dream" build - a 300 gal / 1100 L planted discus nature aquarium tank. It will be 95" long, 25" wide and 27" high and my inspiration for the landscape is Josh Sim's winning Congo aquarium, although I know that with discus I will be severely limited...
  2. WestcoastBingo

    Fresh Off The Boat!

    Good afternoon, Morning, Night Y'all! New to the Fish/Plant/Water baby keeping society! too n to be a proud Owner! We have a 42Gal with Curved front corners, currently been cycling for 3-4 weeks the establish the bacteria while designing our Aquascape! Our intentions is a semi-full planted...
  3. M

    Planted Tank Nutrient Dosing Calculator Question

    Sorry...I have a newbie question that I'm sure is a silly one but I am a bit confused. When I use the fert calculator for KNO3..... it gives an answer of how much K, N, & NO3. If I'm trying to figure out how much Nitrogen is in my dosage...... do I just take the amount of N in the result or do...
  4. fmueller

    Planted Frontosa Tank

    I am new to the site and am planning to go the CO2 route. But figured I'd share an image of my non-CO2 planted Frontosa tank as a starter.
  5. Phantom_ws

    Help Regarding New Planted Tank Substrate

    Hello; I have never kept a planted tank before but they always inspired me a lot. The main reason of it the availability of resources. Some mandatory things required for good planted tanks (as i've read on multiple forums) are not easily available in my country. Now, cutting the long story...
  6. M

    Adding Co2 To My 40b Planted Tank

    This aquarium is a 40B with an AquaClear HOB filter, has been setup and planted for about 10 months already. Fluval Stratum substrate and a Fluval 3.0 light with about a 9 hour light cycle. I fertilize 2-3 times weekly with all-in-one ferts (EasyGreen or Dustin's Growth Juice) and iron twice a...
  7. J

    Brand New

    Hello. I'm brand new and and am signing up to be able to learn more in preparation to setting up a planted tank. Thank you for this site. I look forward to learning a great deal.
  8. Kshitij

    600 Litre Planted - Algae Issues

    Dear All, I have been a regular reader of the forum from many years, first of all I would like to thank you all for such good knowledge and sharing your experience. Following are my setup specifications: Tank: 60'' x 36'' x 19'' (inches) Filteration: Sump with Filter socks, ceramic rings...
  9. P

    Starting 75 Gal. Tech Planted Tank Setup Questions

    I am returning to the aquarium hobby after 10 years away. I had just started growing plant with CO2 when I was forced sell out all of my tanks. I have just set up a dry startup with Amazonia 2, several tissue culture grow out plants, and a 46.5 in. Finnex 24/7. Surprisingly, the plants are...
  10. L

    Indoor Grow Light In Planted Aquarium

    Hi. I have a Planted tank, i use a DIY lighting system wich consists in two ecosmart led of 14watt each one(My Aquarium is 30Litters ) I wanted to know if the use of a grow light would be benneficial yo My plants, specially the red ones.
  11. Bert336

    Parameters For Ei Planted Tank

    Hi Gurus, I am not so beginner in terms of aquarium experience but recently just plunges to have a planted tank set up for my discus. I want to know what should be my paramaters in Nitrate, Phosphate, Potassium etc for me to have 2x a month of 50% water change. I do not know if this is better...
  12. kizwan

    Mini Planted Aquarium

    Hello! I have 3 mini Planted aquarium in mayonis glass bottle. Two use dirt & one use organic soil. I have them outside. Two already a couple of weeks & I can see new leaves appear. I really appreciate if anyone willing to give advices in what to do & what I shouldn't do in maintaining them. Thanks!
  13. K

    Newish 75 Gallon Planted Co2 Tank Lighting Advice

    Hi, I’m new to the forum; this is my 2nd post. I have been researching a lot here in the last month or so, learning a lot but still timid in cranking up on ferts, light, and co2. I’m trying my best to slowly make adjustments. What I really need most right now is advice on starting points for...
  14. T

    New To Planted Tanks And The Forum

    Hello all, I have been keeping fish (both fresh and salt) for a lot of years. I had gotten out of the hobby for about 15 years while I was travelling with my day job. I had kids later in life and when my oldest was 3 (now 10) he saw my books and seahorse posters and wanted to keep fish. So we...
  15. kizwan

    Newbie Aquascaping

    Tank #1 Using commercial substrate for planted aquarium. Just enough to make 1 inch deep substrate in 2 x 1 x 1 ft tank. Gravel as shown in the photo below also just enough to make 1 inch deep cap on top of the substrate. 1st day Only Rotala Indica 17 days Re-planted Rotala Indica (+ add...
  16. S

    Back Into Planted Tanks 5 Years Later

    Hello everyone, Greetings from Central Florida. I moved down here 5 years ago and have not kept a fish tank since. I previously had as many as 11 fish tanks running :D but living in an apartment and traveling a lot made me put starting up a new tank on hold. Now that I am traveling less I am...
  17. Mateo Vanegas

    My Fish Tank

    What do you guys think about my fish tank? Honest opinions
  18. Undeadmoto

    My First Planted Aquarium

    I just set up a 20G long today. I am using 40lbs of eco complete, nycrew planted + led, Marine land biowheel with my own filter setup, and a Jager 125 watt heater. The driftwood is 3 pieces placed together to form the hard scape. The plants: Bacopa Carolini Amazon sword Crypt Undulata Cyperus...
  19. milanzdimal

    My 180 Gallon Planted Tank

    Just wanted to share my setup. Starting with equipment and I'll add more about livestock, maintenance, pictures, etc. as I have time. Equipment Tank: Rimless 61x33x23H. 3 panel starphire glass. Light: Hydroplanet T5 4ft 8 lamp (link). Only running 3 bulbs at the moment and about a 8h photo...
  20. T.Smith

    Ada 60p High Tech, Just Trying To Grow Plants!

    Hi Barr people T.Smith here, new to the social aspect of the aquarium community, so i thought I would post a journal about where iam in my journey in learning how to grow healthy aquarium plants. Been in the aquarium game for about 3 years. and also a little bit of bonsai on the side. About 2...