planted with co2 injection

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    A One-Year Evolution After Jumping Back Into the Hobby 30 Years Later

    INTRO: Since this is a journal, and I have pictures going back to when I started (this time), I thought it would be fun to start from the beginning (December 2020). I will add to this as I have time to bring the story to the present. As alluded to in my bio, I was heavily into planted tanks...
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    1st attempt planted freshwater

    After a 14 year hiatus from reef keeping, I am trying my hand at a planted freshwater tank. I must admit, my reef tank was a lot easier to dial in!!! ‍♀️ The start of the hardscape... Finally planted on 10/2/21 and a slight hardscape change... co2 added 10/13/21... And the craziness begins...