planted tank

  1. J

    UNS 45s

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to post my UNS 45s journal. I’m barely getting started and slowly acquiring things for the setup. Still deciding what exactly I want to do with the setup. I’ve had previous aquariums so I’m using some old equipment and some new. Here’s what I have so far. UNS 45s...
  2. E

    Fish Food Recommendations

    Hi folks. I have a 24 Gallon tank that is about 60P that is heavily planted. All the plants are finally taking root, although I'm working through challenges with different melting and balancing my fertilization, lighting, and CO2. it's like a dance getting things right. Anyway, I put a nice...
  3. C

    How do you guys make your low-tech tanks work? My plants are clearly unhappy and I'm not sure what to do :(

    How do you guys make your low-tech tanks work? This is my 10 gal with about 30L of water that has been established for around 4 months. My background and midground plants are ok, but my Staurogyne repens have their leaves slowly turn yellow/brown from their tips and some have their stems...
  4. T

    KH issues with Planted Tank with Discus

    Hey everyone! I having been battling with myself on what is the correct thing to do. I have. 125 gallon discus planted tank with some other fish that go well with discus in it. Also have a 40 gallon goldfish tank. I have been using strait RODI water in it. The first fill was with strait tap...
  5. Lind0gg

    CO2 shortage in the UK

    Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone has noticed the CO2 shortage in the UK, and if this is effecting the planted tank industry yet? I’m between scapes at the moment, and normally get my CO2 canisters from a gas firm. I’ve not been there since this news so don’t know if it’s difficult to get...
  6. A

    Choosing The Right Lighting (lumen/watt) Power For A 290gal Tank

    Guys, as you may have seen in my other thread, I am building a new 95" (240cm) long / 290gal (1100L) High-tech tank. Upon much research I have decided to go with GHL ecosystem including their Profilux 4 aquarium computer, various probes, pump control etc. and, of course, the Mitras LX lights. I...
  7. A

    Building A 300 Gal Planted Discus Nature Aquarium Tank

    Hi guys, I am in the planning phase for my new "dream" build - a 300 gal / 1100 L planted discus nature aquarium tank. It will be 95" long, 25" wide and 27" high and my inspiration for the landscape is Josh Sim's winning Congo aquarium, although I know that with discus I will be severely limited...
  8. Mike Workman

    Help Identifying Disease

    Hello - I am new to this forum, normally on plant subjects versus fish.... I keep freshwater tropical planted aquariums (6) I have been keeping fish for 52 years, plants for 17. I am having trouble with a relatively new tank, a 300 gallon planted tank. Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 10 ppm...
  9. M

    Planted Tank Nutrient Dosing Calculator Question

    Sorry...I have a newbie question that I'm sure is a silly one but I am a bit confused. When I use the fert calculator for KNO3..... it gives an answer of how much K, N, & NO3. If I'm trying to figure out how much Nitrogen is in my dosage...... do I just take the amount of N in the result or do...
  10. kizwan

    Bristlenose Pleco & Detritus

    Hello, I have 3 albino Bristlenose pleco in two tanks. I feed them hikari sinking micro pellets everyday. One of the tank have detritus. Can I stop feeding them with sinking pellets & let them eat detritus for a while? Also, should I feed them vegetable too like cucumber/zucchini even if there...
  11. D

    Beamswork Da Fspec 48"

    I have a 75 gallon planted tank. It has a footprint of 48" x 18". The beamswork da fspec 48" is 3.5" from the top of the water. The water is 18.5" deep. I have a Seneye meter which gives me PAR, PUR%, and a graph of the light reading covering 400-700nm. This unit was reviewed by some reef...
  12. yd2

    Surface "oil Spill" After Fertilizing

    B"H hello I bought API leaf Zone and found it's missing Nitrogen & Phosphorus so i got both of this from Seachem . and i use recommended dosing, i didn't poured it to the tank directly but take a water from the tank & mix all 3 fert's in a cup, and slowly pouring it back to the tank. but after...
  13. Phantom_ws

    Help Regarding New Planted Tank Substrate

    Hello; I have never kept a planted tank before but they always inspired me a lot. The main reason of it the availability of resources. Some mandatory things required for good planted tanks (as i've read on multiple forums) are not easily available in my country. Now, cutting the long story...
  14. TheDrift

    Ecotech Radion Xr15 G5

    Is it possible to marine ecotech radion xr15 g5 pro for planted tank? Since they turn blue channel down. Only because they have 12 white led compare to 8 on g4. And better spread Radion xr15 pro G5 (12 CoolWhite, 16 royal blue, 8 blue, 2 photo red, 3 green, 2 x uv, 2 uv, 2 Warmwhite, 2 luna...
  15. M

    Adding Co2 To My 40b Planted Tank

    This aquarium is a 40B with an AquaClear HOB filter, has been setup and planted for about 10 months already. Fluval Stratum substrate and a Fluval 3.0 light with about a 9 hour light cycle. I fertilize 2-3 times weekly with all-in-one ferts (EasyGreen or Dustin's Growth Juice) and iron twice a...
  16. J

    Brand New

    Hello. I'm brand new and and am signing up to be able to learn more in preparation to setting up a planted tank. Thank you for this site. I look forward to learning a great deal.
  17. B

    Suicide Raspboras

    My harlequin rasboras seem prone to suicide by jumping out of the tank. I have a hypothesis ... but also want to check with the community here for any other ideas. This is my first serious high tech planted tank, and my first rimless and cover-less tank. Its a 18"x18"x36" (45 gallons or so)...
  18. P

    Starting 75 Gal. Tech Planted Tank Setup Questions

    I am returning to the aquarium hobby after 10 years away. I had just started growing plant with CO2 when I was forced sell out all of my tanks. I have just set up a dry startup with Amazonia 2, several tissue culture grow out plants, and a 46.5 in. Finnex 24/7. Surprisingly, the plants are...
  19. P

    Returning To The Hobby

    I am a retired college professor and have been away from the hobby for 10 years. I am returning to try my hand at a 75 gallon high tech planted tank. I have a lot to learn and been growing a few tissue culture plants emersed with good success. I have setup my hard scape and just started my...
  20. L

    Indoor Grow Light In Planted Aquarium

    Hi. I have a Planted tank, i use a DIY lighting system wich consists in two ecosmart led of 14watt each one(My Aquarium is 30Litters ) I wanted to know if the use of a grow light would be benneficial yo My plants, specially the red ones.