1. N

    Eriocaulon setaceum - requirements

    Hello. I have a question about Eriocaulon setaceum. What are the requirements of this plant? What gh, kh, how much Ca, Mg, K in water. How high are No3 and Po4? This is my first attempt at growing this plant. Unfortunately, no success. I bought new plants. Tomorrow I will be changing the water...
  2. T

    Amazon biotope plant suggestions

    Hi all, I may be getting a chance to help create a large planted tank for a public Aquarium that I work for. This display will be based on the Rio Negro habitat. Rather than an exact biotope, our plan is to feature aquatic flora and fauna that are found throughout the overall region. I have a...
  3. C

    Plant Death Across Most Of My Fish Room

    I have 20x low tech tanks with various LED full spectrum lighting and various stocking and plants. All tropical temps. The only continuum is the water and fertilizer. I'm having plant death and issues with them every time I fertilize. The pic is a single example. It's black algae growing on...
  4. kizwan

    Plant Necrosis

    Hello, I need help in determining what could be causing the plants to deteriorated. The plant is Ludwigia sp. 'Dark Orange'. The leaves damaged. I have increased water change but it does not improve. I also have stopped ferts but it only makes things worse. I also have tried increased dosing...
  5. S

    Plant Hungry Otocinclus

    Hi, I've recently bought these giant otocinclus which I absolutely love/loved until I saw the serious damage they were causing to loads of my plant species :(. I have never known or experienced otos doing this before. Anyone else had any issues with them or have I just got an unfortunate one off.
  6. C

    Plant Id Please

    i buy some plants in LFS... and i got an unknown bonus plant... i keep it in my low tech aquarium but they don't show any sign of morph into tissue culture... but they do grow alot root... the leaves is thick... some of it has abit red tone color and got a marble form.. (i wonder its a...
  7. N

    Plant Id

    Hi all! I collected some plants near In rivers of upstate New York near Binghamton. Found some unique species of Ludwigia maybe someone could identify the variety. Under high light it grows creme/orange leaves and blood red veins. Grows as fast as Ludwigia repens and similar shape. The emersed...
  8. K

    For Sale: Rares, Plant Package, Erios, Mosses. L@@k

    USPS Priority Mail = $9. Mind your weather. =========================================== 1 x Ludwigia "Mini" Sphaerocarpa ( this is the MINI Version ) = $20 or 2 for $35 =========================================== 1 x Blood Vomit = $15 or 2 for $25 ===========================================...
  9. O

    Id This Bicolor Plant

    Hey! I bought some new plants and I don't know what they are. Do you know what this plant is? It's not pothos, of course. Though the leaf colors might make you think it is. I can't find any aquatic nor land plant that looks like this! Can you help me? Thank you!
  10. kizwan

    Plant Id

    Hello, I baught this plant at my LFS but there's no label on it to tell the plant name. Can anyone help ID it?
  11. kizwan

    Plant Id

    Hello, anyone know what is the name of this plant? It was unintentionally I think included in bunch of water lettuce that I got.
  12. Ramosior And The Droop

    Ramosior And The Droop

    I’d Like to first start off by simply saying that this was just an experiment that I decided to test out. I have only been in the hobby for about 1 year and 7 months: Take this info as you wish. I am not claiming this to be a solution of any sort, there are people that have been around a lot...
  13. Toni Grappa

    Plant Plan Of Dutch Aquarium

    Hello everyone, I am currently working on the installation of Dutch aquariums or in a first step "only" on the planning of such a tank. I bought some (few) books on the subject, but what really impressed (and intimidated) me is the article by Pikez in this forum. The topic is quite complex and...
  14. Dd1880

    What Stem Plant To Use For Non Co2 Set Up?

    I set up a 9 gallon fluval flex about 2 months ago using uns controsoil and cosmetic sand. I have Ludwigia acruta as the stem plant, the inclinata just melted on me. I also have crypt parva, anubius nana petite and java fern. The left and right sides are looking empty now since the inclinata...
  15. I

    What Is Plant Aquarium Size?

    What is Plant Aquarium Size?
  16. D


    Hey all, I am new to this forum and I am from the DFW area. I have been the aquarium hobby for about 5 years now and started a planted tank about 2 years ago now. I have always had some issues with my plants. For some reason they are merely coasting along. They are not thriving like alot of...
  17. J

    Emersed! Pre-tank Plant Passion

    I was a keeper of fishes in the early '70s (even talked my parents into opening an LFS ) but faded out quickly from the scene once I obtained a driver's license and a motorcycle and other passions took hold. But I've always had a passion for plants, and having reached virtual retirement...
  18. R

    Plant Id, Red Common Plant

    Which plant this is? I didn't have any success with it previously, Now I am running DIY co2, low to medium light for 6 hour(algae issues) and using root tabs + Seachcem flourish + DIY Potassium + DIY iron. Hopefully, it grows well.
  19. R

    Plant Id, Red Common Plant

    Which plant this is? I didn't have any success with it previously, Now I am running DIY co2, low to medium light for 6 hour(algae issues) and using root tabs + Seachcem flourish + DIY Potassium + DIY iron. Hopefully it grows well.
  20. J

    Improving Blackwater Tank Plant Growth

    Hi everyone! I just set up a new 5 gallon blackwater tank :) I'm going to let it cycle (to the extent that a tank whose PH is going to be in the 4's or 5's will cycle) for a month before I add a light or any plants...which brings me to my question; what can I do to improve plant growth in a...