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    For Sale: [sold] H. Pinnatifida, H. Corymbosa, Pearlweed, Rotala Wallichii

    Hi All, I've got a large plant pack that I'm trying to sell [ASAP] so I can break the tanks down. Price is $20 shipped. The small flat rate USPS box is going to be PACKED. - Hygrophila pinnatifida LRG x2 pot (~7 stems, ~4+" tall) - Hygrophila corymbosa MED x2 pot (~7 stems ea, ~2 to 3" tall) -...
  2. Hemianthus Micranthemoides

    Hemianthus Micranthemoides

    This is a very versatile plant with lanceolate or elliptical leaves, up to 1cm long. The leaves have a slight transparency. The plants grow straight up if not trimmed and light is low. It can grow in aquariums without CO2 injection. The abundant branching leads nice, lush bushes suitable for...
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    Swaps: Pearlweed

    Hi, I have 20-25 stems , 2-3 inches long of pearlweed, they names it right,Im looking for Rotala roundifolia or ludwigia arulata-repens, or similar thanks..
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    'CloverField' Emersed Aquascape Vase Journal

    Yea I started another vase thing. This ill be more focused on than others. Don't worry, the other emersed setup is still going to. Its on the desk next to my 65 R.i.p my nightstand. You are now a desk... :D Pearlweed & Marsilea Hirsuta