par meter

  1. skija

    Par Meter

    Hello , can anyone suggest me a PAR meter I can buy from eBay ? I want to measure PAR at substrate level in the tank Price range ~ 150 Eur/dollars Thanks
  2. B

    Par Meter

    I want to buy a PAR meter because I think it can help me know what I'm doing when it comes to light. I have an ATI dimmable screen with 4 T5 80W tubes. I've looked at the Apogee MQ-510 and also looking the Seneye Reef Monitor. The Apogee seems to be a better industrial grade meter. I only...
  3. tiger15

    Light Calculator questionable?

    In my 75 gal set up, I have 3 - 48" LED strip lights with a total of 265 diodes, 112 Watt , and 13416 Lumen. Using the light calculator in, I came up with 204 PAR at substrate level, which will put my light in extremely high light regime...
  4. VaughnH

    For Hire: Apogee PAR Meter for "Rent"

    A member of one of the on-line forums purchased an Apogee SQ222 PAR sensor a few years ago, intending to use it to make his own PAR meter, but eventually realized that he was never going to get to it. So, he gave me the sensor! I tried to connect the sensor to a millivolt meter to make it work...