1. burr740

    For Sale: Lots Of Plants - $4 Kimberly & Pantanal - Barclaya Red - Gratiola - Rugosa - 53b - More Stuff!!

    Hello Everyone, hope all your tanks are doing well. :) ======================================== Everything grown fully submerged in my own tanks. Minor algae is possible but most things have none visible. Any snails that happen to sneak by are absolutely free. Shoot me a PM if you have any...
  2. Chad

    For Sale: Pantanal X6 Stems

    I need to make room and my pantanal is taking up alot of space. $32 Paypal shipped USPS priority with tracking. Each stem is ~6 inches and there is 6 stems total. You will be getting the stems to the left of the image. No signs of algae.