1. K

    For Sale: Rares, Plant Package, Erios, Mosses. L@@k

    USPS Priority Mail = $9. Mind your weather. =========================================== 1 x Ludwigia "Mini" Sphaerocarpa ( this is the MINI Version ) = $20 or 2 for $35 =========================================== 1 x Blood Vomit = $15 or 2 for $25 ===========================================...
  2. fablau

    For Sale: Big Anubias Package: 50+ Plantlets | $50 Shipped

    * This package is sold * I am selling a lot of Anubias from my tanks (Anubias barteri var. nana), perfect for both high and low tech tanks. The package includes 50+ plantlets taken from the following bushes: $50 shipping included. Please, reply to this thread or PM me if interested...
  3. M

    For Sale: Huge Stauro Clump/cheap Plant Package

    I have a big mass of Staurogyne Repens. Its about 100 plantlets all tied together with a huge root stystem I keep a journal here on this forum * Edit * had to toss the Stauro. Ill make a new sale post soon. Lots of healthy grown colorful stems !!!
  4. K

    For Sale: Uncommon Plant Package And Others....

    USPS Priority = $8 =================================================== 1x2 LOOSE Portion BUCE MOSS = $20 2x2 LOOSE Portion BUCE MOSS = $35 =================================================== 1x2 LOOSE Portion Java Spring AKA Mini Weeping Moss = $15...
  5. Phishless

    For Sale: Stem Package Mid-sept

    For sale, higher end stem package. Was $33 Now $30 shipped! Lower 48 only. All stems will be trimmed tops to about 6" in length. Will include: 4 - limnophila aromatica 4 - pogostemon kimberly 4 - pogostemon stellatus 3 - polysperma sunset 4 - ambulia 4 - ammannia senegalensis 2 - persicaria...
  6. S

    For Sale: Plants Trimming Package

    Hello! What is shown in the picture is approximately half of what will be shipped... actual shipped quantities are listed in offering. The photo is to represent the size of trimming sent. USPS flat rate priority box. Plants shipped rolled in wet paper towel and bag with air. Top row, left...
  7. K

    For Sale: *rares* Uncommon Plant Package, Eriocaulons, Hydropiper, Buce Moss! Wow

    USPS Priority Shipping = $8 1x1 Stainless Steel Screen Buce Moss = $15 2x2 Stainless Steel Screen Buce Moss = $40 1x1 Loose Elatine Hydropiper = $10 5 x 2+ Inch Stems Cabomba RED Belem ( This red plant grows sideways and creeps along the substrate ) = $18 5 x Cuphea Anagalloidea = $10...
  8. Phishless

    For Sale: Red Stem Package

    10 - ammannia senegalensis 10 - rotala magenta 4 - ludwigia sp. red 2 - ludwigia peruensis 4 - Alternanthera reineckii 2 - Alternanthera lilacina Shipped for $25 USD
  9. Phishless

    For Sale: Package For A Small Tank W/co2 Sold

    This lot has been sold! Good Evening: I've been saving lots of remnants during my trims lately. These are shorter stems minimum about 3". Shipped = $24, to include no less than 10 - ludwigia arcuata 4 - didiplis diandra 6 - rotala magenta 6 - rotala mini butterfly 3 - P.erectus 4 - ranunculus...
  10. K

    For Sale: Crazy Summer Sale! Rare Stuff And Uncommon Package! Look No

    USPS Priority = $8 2 x Eriocaulon "Quinquangular" Red = $35 1 x Eriocaulon "Malayatoor" = $9 1 x Eriocaulon "Sulawesi" ( Smallest Eriocaulon ) = $15 3 x Rotala Mexicana "Araguaia" = $15 2x2 on SS Screen Buce Moss ( NO ALGAE, VERY LUSH, NOT NEWLY TIED ) = $45 5 x Alternanthera...
  11. M

    For Sale: Plant Trim Package #2

    Plants included to the package: - Ludwigia Senegalensis ×5 - Pogostemon Erectus ×5 - Climnopodium sp. Brownei ×5 - Bacopa Colorata ×3 - Limnophila Aromatica Mini ×3 $33 shipped (US only) Plants will be trimmed from the tank in the Picture
  12. M

    For Sale: Plant Trim Package

    Plant Trim Package 5 Bacopa Colorata 5 Pogostemon Erectus 5 Climnopodium Sp. Brownei 5 Ludwigia Inclanata Cuba (Rooted) 5+ Rotala Magenta (Rooted) Will include extra plant(s) $38 Shipped via USPS Priority (US ONLY) Grown in high tech set up. Please mind your weather. PM if interested.
  13. K

    For Sale: Plant Package

    I have some "trimmings" (not rooted) for sale, you'll get: 12x Rotala mexicana 'Goias' 2x Pogostemon heidelberg 2x Hygrophila sp 'Araguaia' 2x Ludwigia mini 'super red' 4x Lindernia rotundifolia 'variegated' 3x Rotala wallichii 10+ nodes Hygrophila serpyllum Freebie or two Plants are still in...
  14. Micah D

    For Sale: Plant Package

    I have a lot of mixed stems i would like to sell as a bundle. Im not sure exactly what all I have, but its alot i know that. Everything in picture goes. 30$ includes shipping.
  15. Chad

    For Sale: Mixed Trim Package

    I am selling some trimmings from my tanks. $30 dollars shipped USPS small flat rate box with tracking. Grown under high-light with Co2. Plants: pogo erectus ludwig red ludwig repens rotala rotundifolia limno aromatic pogo helferi bacopa m pantanal And possibly some others. Very little if any...
  16. K

    For Sale: List Of Rare Moss, Rare Stems, Uncommon Plant Package! Look!

    USPS Priority Ship = $8 ============================================== 2x2 BUCE MOSS On Stainless Steel Screen! ( This moss is NOT NEWLY TIED. It has been growing in my tank for months and months! ) = Only $45! ( Only have a few left ) ==============================================...
  17. deepgreen

    For Sale: Large plant package Cabomba, Cuba, Pantanal, Rio Negro Giant - 16 species

    Everything submerged, minor algae possible but nothing visible, $45 USPS Priority shipped in medium flat box, payment through PayPal 5x (small) Bacopa serpyllifolia 1x Blyxa aubertii 3x Cabomba furcata 1x Hygrophila odora 2x Hygrophila corymbosa “compacta” 3x Limnophila aromatica 3x Lobelia...
  18. deepgreen

    For Sale: Large plant package 14 species, $45 shipped

    SOLD Everything submerged, minor algae possible but nothing visible, USPS Priority shipping in medium flat rate box, payment through PayPal 5x (small) Bacopa serpyllifolia 3x Blyxa japonica 3x Cabomba furcata 3x Eriocaulon setaceum 3x Hygrophila corymbosa “compacta” 3x Limnophila aromatica 1x...
  19. K

    For Sale: Rare Plants! Eriocaulon Mato Grasso! Moss! Plant Package!

    USPS Priority Mail Shipping is ONLY $5! ==================================================================== 1 x Eriocaulon "Mato Grasso" AKA "King Of Erios!" ( Makes Seeds pods that forms new plantlets! Look at pics, you will get that large plant in picture! TRUE Mato Grasso From JAPAN! =...
  20. D

    For Sale: Plant Package, Da** Good if ya ask me.

    Priority shipping; 8$ Emersed grown plants unless states otherwise Plant Package, Must Be Bought All At Once! Plant Package, "Just a taste!" 3 stems Althernanthera reneckii 3 Stems Bacopa Monnieri 3 Stems Amminia Sp. 'Bonsai' 1 Golfball of Hydro. Japan 1 Golfball Pearlweed 3 Stems Ludwigia...