1. AnnieT

    Acclimation protocol

    I stopped by my LFS for some otocinclus today and asked what their pH is. To my dismay, their pH was 8.1 and the employee said it’s often higher than that. She also said it takes weeks for fish to acclimate to a different pH, so the store just acclimates new fish to temperature and then “dumps”...
  2. T

    Quarantine tank for otos

    I’m planning to get a small school of otocinclus and I’d like to quarantine them before adding the to my main tank. I’m wondering what people do for quarantine tanks. I have a spare 10gal tank with a HOB filter. I can use some filter media from my canister to cycle the tank and I’m planning a...
  3. S

    Plant Hungry Otocinclus

    Hi, I've recently bought these giant otocinclus which I absolutely love/loved until I saw the serious damage they were causing to loads of my plant species :(. I have never known or experienced otos doing this before. Anyone else had any issues with them or have I just got an unfortunate one off.
  4. Puck

    Oto's 46g Bow

    A little late but... better late than never! This journal was started on day 87. Pictures will be posted every 30 days. DAY 87 SETUP - Tank size: 46 Gallons - Filtration: Fluval FX4 - CO2 cylinder size: 5lbs - CO2 diffuser: NilocG Aquatics - Atomic Precision Co2 Atomizer - Heater: National...