1. T

    Quarantine tank for otos

    I’m planning to get a small school of otocinclus and I’d like to quarantine them before adding the to my main tank. I’m wondering what people do for quarantine tanks. I have a spare 10gal tank with a HOB filter. I can use some filter media from my canister to cycle the tank and I’m planning a...
  2. S

    Plant Hungry Otocinclus

    Hi, I've recently bought these giant otocinclus which I absolutely love/loved until I saw the serious damage they were causing to loads of my plant species :(. I have never known or experienced otos doing this before. Anyone else had any issues with them or have I just got an unfortunate one off.
  3. Puck

    Oto's 46g Bow

    A little late but... better late than never! This journal was started on day 87. Pictures will be posted every 30 days. DAY 87 SETUP - Tank size: 46 Gallons - Filtration: Fluval FX4 - CO2 cylinder size: 5lbs - CO2 diffuser: NilocG Aquatics - Atomic Precision Co2 Atomizer - Heater: National...