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  1. N

    Can’t For The Life Of Me Remember What I Got

    ECE6590B-BE42-427F-82F2-08EB15287915 by NariIro posted Jan 23, 2021 at 9:53 PM3018DD31-5256-4E24-985F-E6B117F569A3 by NariIro posted Jan 23, 2021 at 9:53 PM Guys/gals I need help identifying what I got today. I can’t remember the species for the life of me.
  2. D

    Fake Seachem Products Claims

    Hi, i'm currently staying in Vietnam and i have noticed a lot of claims have surfaced recently about bottles of fake seachem products here. This claim made by people on facebook showed two seachem advanced products but one had a darker print on it while the other had a lighter print. I have...
  3. G

    Does Anybody Maintain A Website, Instagram Or Facebook Page Where People Can Rate Online Sellers?

    Stupid me. I've gotten burned a couple of times lately. I'd like to see others not get burned by those same people. I'm not looking for a trash talk site, but somewhere were honest feedback can be given. A place people can check before making an online purchase. If such a place exists, please...
  4. Joshua Nathan Davies

    Where's The Barr Report App?

    So i hope this is the right place to post this thread. This website and community are amazing and I was wondering how come there is not a mobile app for this? The potential is basically limitless. Any thoughts?
  5. B

    Vortex Company (for Diatom Filters) Closed ???

    Hallo, good day, long time I'm no longer on this site. Please I would like to ask an information to USA citizens about VORTEX, a company which manifacture diatomaceous earth filters in your country, cause it is more difficult from Europe. They've been on the market for decades but now I did...
  6. Tim Harrison

    Merry Christmas

    Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
  7. T

    Are Diatoms Good For Your Tank?

    After watching "One Strange Planet's, I found out that Diatoms are what makes the Amazon grow. Especially a surge of Diatoms and the a killing of Diatoms causes a major source of fertilization. Therefore, is it a logical conclusion that we need to increase Diatoms and then quickly kill them to...
  8. M

    Socal Hiking Spots

    Anyone have a favorite hiking spot in southern California? Preferably one not all dried out.
  9. N

    Aquarist-focused Travel Advice For Visiting Japan?

    Hi! I’m headed to Japan this September on a brief trip. While there, I plan to tour The Nature Aquarium Gallery. Are there other must-see aquariums, shops or galleries the forum members recommend? Thanks in advance for your time and consideration! Kind regards, Tony Nodine
  10. Bald_noggin

    Eheim Universal Pump.

    Hi everyone. I’m in the midst of rebuilding my tank which involves building a new wet/dry trickle filter. The question I have revolves around the location of the main water pump. I’ve previously had it installed in the sump which works fine apart from the odd time when the pump move enough...
  11. Gabe Hayes

    Portable Ro/di Unit Review

    I have the RO/DI unit from AquaFX -- the Barracuda. Which one do you have? I only have a 29 gallon tank so this suits my needs. This is how I do it: It just hooks up to my showerhead via a garden hose to shower head adapter (cant remember the actual size) This is the easiest hookup I have...
  12. Brandon Kidd

    Colder Weather Climates And Buying Healthy Plants.

    Living in a colder weather climate I'm finding it difficult to find a good way to get plants in without them being DOA from cold, I was just wondering if anyone in similar climates has a special vendor they have had success with in winter months, I have tried buceplants a couple times but coming...
  13. A


    Hi, Why do I get an error saying that my new message contains spam-like material and so could not be posted? Regards, Amit
  14. Tim Harrison

    Woodland Walk

    Just a few iPhone snaps from a woodland walk today... Awesome aquascape inspiration Fungi Polytrichum sp.
  15. T

    Fishy Symposium

    I recently posted this in another forum and haven't gotten any replies. I'll try this in a few more places. If no bites, I guess I'll give up on the idea... Lets say that I hypothetically work for a great little public aquarium on the North Carolina coast. Now let's pretend that I could...
  16. Grant Varcoe

    Light Globes For Plants And Freshwater Tropical Fish.

    I have 2 x housing EXO terra type so i have put globes in that promotes the word NATURAL lighting with full spectrum not sure if this is ok or bad for fish.. as everywhere you look on information on these products it always relates back to Frogs Turtles or Reptiles ( snakes,Lizards ). But it has...
  17. rs18alpha

    Cloudy Water After A Water Change?

    Some times after I do a WC the water gets cloudy. Is this normal? When I do a basic WC I keep my hob filter on and I use a net with a colander inside to keep the water from disturbing the substrate. When the water goes thru the net it doesn't disturb anything so I know this isn't the cause of...
  18. I

    Set-up Tank In Basement

    I have a unfinished basement and thinking of setting up my tank . It's concrete floor and will be away from the walls so when I do decide too start framing I will have plenty of room behind the tank to work around. My question is should or do I need some sort of rubber mat to place my cabinet on...
  19. I

    Eheim Filter

    Eheim 2262 Filter I know it will handle up to 500g but what is the lowest possible tank that can handle this filter? Would a 40g B be way to small? just asking.
  20. ianmills122

    Help with Disease I.D/Treatment

    I just came back from vacation to notice several of my Neon Tetras have a patchy white appearance on their bodies. The one pictured is by far the worst. Some of the others have very slight amounts. Behavioraly they all seem to be eating and schooling. My water quality is pristine as I do 1 to 2...