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    Nymphaea Rubra Anyone?

    I ordered this thinking it might be like a Tiger Lotus ( I have one of those..but long story) but I now think its a tropical pond lily ( hardy too) but dwarf enough for a large aquarium with enough light. I potted it for now. Once it gets going I can push fertilizer sticks into the substrate...
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    Nymphaea Santarem

    I got this dwarf water lily close to two months ago now. CertAinly a cool plant but then again I’ve always loved water lilies. It has certainly grown quite a bit in the tankni put it in and has sent out multiple runners/ new shoots. On the mother plant I’d say probably half the new leaves that...
  3. Nymphaea minuta

    Nymphaea minuta

  4. Nymphaea gardneriana 'santarem'

    Nymphaea gardneriana 'santarem'