nutrient ratios

  1. Neil

    Micro-mix Solution

    Hello, I am trying to copy Burr740's Micro-mix v11.15 (Sorry for that :p) but with a small change. Net water volume in my tank is 445L (Tank+Sump) with densely packed stem nutrient hoggers, ~170 PAR at substrate level. CURRENT water parameters and dosing regime: 100% RO water KH: 0 GH: ~ 3-4...
  2. daniel deacu

    R. Macrandra Help

    hy. last days i have some problems with Rotala Macrandra and R Macrandra narrow leaf. problems is that the old leaves get some sort of green . or it gets green spots. I increased the magnesium dose in the idea that there might be a deficit. i increase dosage of ferts but no result,the plant...