nutrient deficiency

  1. D

    Ludwigia Defeciency

    Hello forums I'm having trouble with identifying what kind of defeciency these ludwigia are having, my tank has been running for a week, all the other plants are doing fine. The tank is 30 litres Here are my dosings (Lean) 4ppm Potassium K (12ppm per week) 3ppm Nitrates NO³ (9ppm per week)...
  2. rs18alpha

    Nutrient Deficiency What Am I Missing?

    Can any one suggest what I need to do to solve this problem? These plants have some small holes and on the older leaves they turn transparent and then melt. Some of the older leaves also turn a white-ish yellow color as well. I purchased the plant on ebay, the seller called it hygrophila sp low...
  3. rs18alpha

    Nutrient Deficiency

    Does any one know why this plant looks like this? I purchased it on ebay, the seller called it Hygrophila sp. low grow. It has a bright green color with a little pink on top. The plant is growing well but some of the older leaves and some of the top leaves get holes and become transparent as...