non co2 tank

  1. L

    Co2 Grown Plants Into Non Co2 Tank

    So my question is what happens to a plant that's been grown in a co2 environment and put into a non co2 environment? Is the die back minimal ?
  2. knives00005

    Outdoor Planted Tub Question/s

    Hi. I have this crazy idea of trying out growing plants outdoors using tubs. No co2, no filter, probably just a powerhead to keep the water moving (or no?). Natural sunlight. Planned flora: -Ludwigia Pantanal -Ludwigia White (or no, too expensive and demanding) -Ludwigia Senegalensis -Cabomba...
  3. F

    Another Attempt At My 28 Litre Tank

    Hi All, I'm having another go at my small low tech tank and putting a bit more effort into understanding the plant requirements and causes of algae. I've read through the Non-CO2 Methods sticky with great interest and am basically using that as my guide for now. My aim is to have a lush non...
  4. K

    Non-co2 Tank; Do I Need To Go All Out?

    Hi there! I have a 37 gallon tank that will be fully planted. It is non CO2, and I'm currently dosing at about a little less than half the recommended dosing for EI due to the tank not being fully planted yet. I'm using the DIY ferts from NilocG, which conveniently combine the macros into one...