1. D


    Greetings community, I'm new to the planted tank hobby and it all started with my kids getting bettas. They became my bettas and once I started with aquatic plants it snowballed from there as I'm sure many of you have experienced. I have a small 5 gallon cube, low tech some root tabs in...
  2. O

    Natural Light Tips?

    Hello All! I apologize in advance, I'm not sure if this is the right spot for this question, but it seemed like the best fit! I'm starting to plan out my second tank, a 10 gallon that I'm hoping to put in a part of my house that gets a lot of natural light. My other tank (a 40b) is a room that...
  3. J

    First Question From A Newbie.

    If you have seen my "Intro Thread" I keep used to keep a Marine Reef aquarium and Im thinking about converting it into a planted (no fish) aquarium. Question ...are my Metal Halide 2 x 150W 17K lamps too powerful. These are very expensive to run and dont mind buying the right lights for a plant...
  4. F

    First Planted!

    Hello! I have been reading a good bit but finally decided to post. I have kept tanks since I was a kid (now 33) and finally started a planted tank! I have everything set up and am starting week 3 of a DSM. I am doing MonteCarlo carpet in an Iwagumi style. I am being patient waiting but can't...
  5. T

    Newbie To High Tech. Need Someone To Review My Method For Peace Of Mind Before I Start This Tank.

    I am in the process of setting up my first high tech tank and I have a bunch of questions about water and fertilizing. My setup will be a heavily planted 55 gallon forest style tank. I plan to run CO2, RO water (I live in LA with liquid rock water) and 2x current satellite pro + lights. I...
  6. D

    Newbie For Planted Tank

    Hi All I'm a newbie for planted tank. Currently got a 10 gallon lightly planted tank and just brought in a 20 gallon long tank. Planning to have it heavily planted. Nice to meet you all up here cheers!
  7. G

    Newbie From St.louis

    Hello I am a long time reef keeper for 12 years mostly Sps tank but have had a few months of rough sailing and decided it was time to take a break because I was not having fun anymore. I decided to buy a scraper tank just to have something small to start with. I am having fun with it so far.
  8. Mark Y

    Hello from Florida

    I've been reading threads on here for several weeks and decided to join. I have two tanks. A low tech 20 gallon high with some anubias, swords, and hairgrass (just for accents). I also have a recently started high tech ADA 60P with more of an Iwagumi feel. It has dwarf hairgrass, S. repens...
  9. S

    newbie with anubias

    morning guys having lots of trouble here i have anubias on drift wood as you can see by photo not going very good need help have lots of algae i use c02 dose iron daily use 4 led tubes on 75 cm deep tank my tank is 90x75x75 with sump of 170ltrs lights are on 8 hrs p\d any help will be...
  10. R

    Hello from a newbie(sort of) to the hobby from philly

    Hello there, did some fishkeeping as a kid. Back to the hobby with a 20G low planted tank which is going through a silent cycle(i think)
  11. T


    where is a goodplace to buy my fertilizer? What plants should I start with for a low tech 10 gallon? I just want simple plants I can't kill easy until I geT the hang of it