1. S

    My journey with a UNS 90l. Day 1. Starting the aquascape

    My personal journal. From the start
  2. francescam

    Hello From Washington State

    Hi there, I am Francesca and I am just starting my planted tank journey. My 4y daughter Charlotte said she wanted a goldfish and after the flashbacks of the daily dying of my childhood goldfish I decided I would do a beautiful planted tank with a betta instead. We are very excited for our nano...
  3. L

    Newbie Failed Dsm With Bga

    First off, I just started aquascaping and decided to use the DSM since there are limited availability to aquatic plants where I am. 3 weeks into the DSM and Im getting patches of BGA and I need help before it blows out of control. My setup: 1. Elevated Rock scene design with ADA Amazonia and...
  4. K

    I'm A Newbie Here :)

    Hello. :)
  5. T

    Not Quite A Newbie!

    Hi One and All So, I have resurrected my hobby after 20+ years. Things seem to have changed in that time. I had a 150L tank with just the basic equipment but it was a good-looking tank. However, with moving around with a new job it had to go onto the back burner. That tank is long gone. I...
  6. Terrance James

    Newbie With A Plan

    Hello everyone. Terrance in Bend, OR. I currently have a planted Flex 15 with a plan to start a Fluval 45 Bow in the near future. I am mostly interested in low-tech at this time. With 2 children under 5 it is always a challenge to balance family, work and hobby. Look forward to ongoing...
  7. L

    Another Newbie Needs Help With Dying Plants In 75 Gallon Tank

    Hello all, Thanks for reading this, hopefully some of you will be able to help me out. I have a 75 gallon freshwater tank stock with a bala shark, 9 tetras, 6 danios and 2 albino bristle nose plecos. The tank had been experiencing extremely high nitrate level so I decided to get some plants to...
  8. T

    Newbie Dsm Iwagumi Need Help

    Hi all! i just started DSM with HC cuba and dwarf hairgrass with my hardscape recently. Hoping it will turn out well. It is just around the 3rd day. 60 x 30 x 35 tank Aqua soil HC Cuba and Dwarf Hair grass and one plant that i forgot whats the name =x Beamswork HI Lumen 60 LED light Day 0-4...
  9. T

    A Newbie All The Way From Singapore

    Hi all! I am Clane Tan from Singapore and i have just picked up aquascaping after taking over two nano fish tanks from my friend's colleague who does not want it anymore. Ever since, i have been hooked to the world of aquascaping and thus came across this forum. Hoping to learn from everyone...
  10. W

    Newbie To Dry Start Vs. Ethylene

    Hi I am wondering if ethylene is beneficial during the try start method? Wondering if I put a banana/avocado in the tank would boost plant growth. Thank you
  11. Stacie McMullen

    Trying Again With Plants In My 150g Discus Tank

    I am starting this journal with three purposes: Document what I am doing so I can fix things when problems arise... and I know they will. I am hoping to receive constructive criticism and advise from you folks here at BarrReport to avoid some of the pitfalls newbs like myself run into. I...
  12. Joshua Nathan Davies

    Hi From Jakarta, Indonesia

    Hello Fellow Aquascapers, My name is Josh and i am a British Citizen who has been living in Indonesia for the past 18 years. Before that i was living in Malawi Africa. I have always been somewhat of a nature person mainly focusing on the adventure side of things. I was also a scuba diving...
  13. kizwan

    Newbie Aquascaping

    Tank #1 Using commercial substrate for planted aquarium. Just enough to make 1 inch deep substrate in 2 x 1 x 1 ft tank. Gravel as shown in the photo below also just enough to make 1 inch deep cap on top of the substrate. 1st day Only Rotala Indica 17 days Re-planted Rotala Indica (+ add...
  14. J

    Hi There! Big Plant Fan (not Necessarily Good At Growing Them, Though...)

    I am a young man in New England who has had various aquariums over the years, from my current hard water, 400 ppm TDS Aphanius mento tank to a 20-10 ppm TDS (the TDS dropped over the course of the week), blackwater in the 4's licorice gourami tank. Almost all of those tanks have had...
  15. D

    Help Newbie Algae

    Annoying algae, please help I'm new to the hobby and still learning My tank is 2 months old and this algae is very annoying, keeps growing back after I brush it off, very frustrated and confused. What algae type is this? I do 50% water change every 4-5 days (When I see buildup of debris)...
  16. L

    Newbie Needs Help With Ei Kit

    Hello everybody. I am completely new to EI dosing. I have tried, and failed, to grow aquarium plants in the past, but have just replanted my tank and am determined to get it to work. I hope you can help me with fertilizers. I have ordered a "starter kit" for EI dosing (from...
  17. W

    Newbie Dutchstyle

    Hi this is my 60 cm tank with some plants , actually i know my tank not in good condition , in learning progress , n sorry if so bad in english language
  18. S

    Aspirational Newbie In Austin, Tx

    Hi, Another planted tank newbie, just joining in Austin. I'm just getting started in with a 55G, first planted tank, which I set up at first with gravel & no plants, almost 3 months ago. I'm keeping 6 discus, 5 apistos, 16 cardinal tetras, 2 otos and a bristlenose pleco. As I've researched, I...
  19. C

    Newbie Dry Start Method

    Hi all! I'm totally new in the aquatic plant life and am totally in love. Now if only I can manage to not destroy my first plants. Tank: UNS long 12G (35" long x 8" wide x 10" tall) Substrate: UNS contrasoil Light: Twinstar LED 600SP, 3500l, 44W Desert Stones + UG (Ulticularia Graminifolia)...
  20. D

    Newbie Joining

    Just following site instructions and introducing myself. Rejoining the hobby after many years, doing my first dirted tank with peat potting soil capped with Safe-T-Sorb. Living in the desert we have very hard water, and am interested to hear from others if substrate of peat with a high CEC...