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    Ludwigia Defeciency

    Hello forums I'm having trouble with identifying what kind of defeciency these ludwigia are having, my tank has been running for a week, all the other plants are doing fine. The tank is 30 litres Here are my dosings (Lean) 4ppm Potassium K (12ppm per week) 3ppm Nitrates NO³ (9ppm per week)...
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    Questions About White Algae Or Mold

    I started a planted aquarium freshwater. I have carpet plants and dwarf hair grass. I have noticed that there is a white fuzz on the grass in certain spots and on the substrate in certain areas. The tank has been running for 2 weeks and has stable levels for everything. The only thing I have...
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    New to planted tanks

    ive never had a planted tank before and I am looking for some ideas and advice. I have a 20 long I'm about to set up as a cherry shrimp tank. I have overhead led spotlights i can adjust the number and distance as needed but I want a low-medium light planted tank. What would be a good substrate...