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  1. E

    Journey to the Planted Aquarium

    About 3 months ago, a friend and fishkeeper called me to tell me of an abandoned fancy goldfish in his lobby. I've been taking in stray 'life' for years. First was a bearded dragon in college that was left behind by an associate. She stayed with me for about 5 years before passing on. Next...
  2. A

    Hi From A New Member

    Hi from a new member! I've had Discus / Amazon-themed aquariums for 30+ years (basically since childhood), mostly 200-400L low-tech. We recently moved to a new house and am now planning my dream aquarium build: a 1200L aquarium with a wild nature aquascape hopefully catching the atmosphere and...
  3. J

    Jim Davis

  4. T

    Hello I Am A New Member

    Em vào giao lưu học hỏi mong mọi người giúp đỡ, sẵn tiện hỏi thăm kiến thức thủy sinh
  5. FischAutoTechGarten

    Hello, I'm A New Member - Fischautotechgarten - Sonoran Desert Fish Nook

    My name is Peter. A hobbyist from way back (like AquaticPlantsDigest-APD, theKrib, GeorgeBooth way back...) recently re-entering the hobby with vigor, having commenced the planning, purchasing, preparing and putting into play a mini fish room, The Sonoran Desert Fish Nook. My wife and I reside...
  6. 6

    New Member

    Been reading and referring to barreport for years. Finally decided it's time to make an account. Thank you all for your insights.
  7. Nooty

    New Member

    Hello! I am new here and just bought a 180l upgrade to my 50l japanese goldfish tank two days ago. I am excited to see how it will evolve and to read your tips and tricks here on the forum. Greetings from Belgium!
  8. D

    Hello Everyone!

    Hi I've been in and out of the hobby for about 20 years keeping different types of systems from freshwater, brackish and marine. I'm no means and expert on anything but fishkeeping has always been enjoyable for me. Recently I've got into planted tanks which has invigorated my interest in...
  9. A

    New Member From South Florida!

    Hey guys, I have been hooked on the planted tank hobby since the middle of last year. I started with a Fluval Spec V and now have 5 tanks total :) MTS is real. I have learned a lot from these forums and I just wanted to drop a line and say hello. Thanks for everything, Anthony
  10. Y

    New Member From Hong Kong

    Hello, a few lines to introduce myself. Originally from the Netherlands, I call Hong Kong home. Three decades ago, in the Netherlands, I used to have a 100g tank. Despite having limited knowledge / technology / measurement data, it worked well, and my plants thrived. Probably lucky. A few...
  11. P

    New Member Anyone I Need Help

    has anyone find out what causes this stem rot? i replanted my ludwigia inclinata to my other tank but after three weeks i notice it was not growing like before i pulled out the plant and i see that the roots and the stem where the roots grow started rotting anyone? help please
  12. Acakadoeth

    New Member

    Hi, my name is rafli from indonesia. I am new to planted tank. I kept pogostemon halferi, java moss, valesnaria “loss ID”, and bucep “loss ID” in my 24galons tank.
  13. I

    New Member

    Hi all, I am new here, though not to the aquarium hobby or keeping plants. I have gone from not wanting to deal with plants at all to keeping a plant only tank and back. Looking forward to interacting with members here and learning more about this hobby. Indiegamer
  14. M

    New Member

    I my name is Martin I have a 75 G discus planted tank for the past 7 years,I face some specific problems that I hope this community can make recommendations to help me.
  15. T.Smith

    Ada 60p High Tech, Just Trying To Grow Plants!

    Hi Barr people T.Smith here, new to the social aspect of the aquarium community, so i thought I would post a journal about where iam in my journey in learning how to grow healthy aquarium plants. Been in the aquarium game for about 3 years. and also a little bit of bonsai on the side. About 2...
  16. Harlequin Rasbora

    New Member.

    Hi Everyone. I'm a semi-noob aquascaper from Northern california. Looking to gain knowledgable insights into the world of aquascaping in this forum.
  17. Joe Ader

    New Member Hi Everyone

    Hi Everyone Greetings =) My name is Joe I have read a lot of good stuff on this site and finally had some free time from work so decided to Join I was born and lived my younger years in PA USA but now reside In Cancun Mexico for the last 25+ Years Im really into Fish, Fish breeding and...