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    Fish Food Recommendations

    Hi folks. I have a 24 Gallon tank that is about 60P that is heavily planted. All the plants are finally taking root, although I'm working through challenges with different melting and balancing my fertilization, lighting, and CO2. it's like a dance getting things right. Anyway, I put a nice...
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    Journey to the Planted Aquarium

    About 3 months ago, a friend and fishkeeper called me to tell me of an abandoned fancy goldfish in his lobby. I've been taking in stray 'life' for years. First was a bearded dragon in college that was left behind by an associate. She stayed with me for about 5 years before passing on. Next...
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    110 Gallon w/ CO2 - first tank in over a decade

    My last planted tanks were a 29 and a 10 with some moss, java fern, a few struggling swords, etc. I was amazed at the improvements I saw in water quality, livestock, and maintenance with even a sad little collection of plants and a crappy light. Ever since then I've been watching the hobby...