needle valve

  1. tomwood

    Need a replacement needle valve for DIY CO2 kit - Related issue resolved the problem

    EDIT: I couldn't figure out how to delete this thread. It turns out, the little black ball in the built-in backflow preventer in the bubble counter was the culprit. It wouldn't stay in its housing and was randomly affecting the flow. Once removed, all is good again. I have the Clscea G211...
  2. bshenanagins

    Will This Needle Valve Work?|dc&pcrid=278772275744&rd=k&product_id=78256849&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI7pG20IqA5AIVRP_jBx3qxgujEAQYBCABEgL5E_D_BwE found this super cheap needle valve that states its...
  3. Harris Tiu

    Adjusting Needle Valve For Stable Co2

    Guys, I am currently in the aftermath of my planted 75g crashing. Red plants died, Monte Carlo fading yellow. I dispensed the CO2 Gas via powerhead as my tank is 4 feet long. I believe I had running medium light. Also, I had a Canister Filter with a spray bar creating some agitation a little...
  4. G

    Metering/Needle valves - vernier handle necessary?

    Hello, I have a couple of questions on vernier handles on needle valves... Are Vernier handles necessary or more of a nice to have? What do you gain by Vernier handles? Won't just looking at the bubble counter to set the CO2 rate be enough for dialing in the flow? I am looking at getting the...


  6. lyle

    Fabco NV-55-18 Screws and Optimal PSI

    I recently had some basic questions about the NV-55-18 needle valve, but could not find the answers online. So, I emailed Fabco and thought I would post the answers here so that the next person might just search and find it. Message to Fabco support: "I have two questions regarding my...