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    Renewd my interest in aquarium plants after finding native plants from my area of coastal North Carolina. I have collected some and adapted them to aquarium.
  2. N

    Native Plant Explorer In South Mississippi

    Hey everybody, my name is Beau and I am a biophile. I am about a month into my first planted tank, a 29 gallon retrofit, and so far I've spent a bunch of money and my wife is quietly concerned. In researching plants for a low tech tank, I was kind of surprised to see some commong "ditch weeds"...
  3. snarkingturtle

    Beginner 20gal low tech

    I'm starting this journal ~140 days into my first real planted tank. My priority with this tank was to learn how to grow plants. Later I will try to use my acquired experience to make a more sophisticated aquascape in a bigger tank. Tank: 20 gallon HxLxW = 16" x 24" x 12" inches. Old and...
  4. snarkingturtle

    1.5 gallon very low tech planted vase

    I'm almost a month in to my planted vase and it hasn't been a disaster. I had hair grass growing well in a mayo jar on my windowsill (despite my neglect) and instead of throwing it out I created a vase tank. Water: 50% well water: GH = 13.5 dH, KH = 10.1 dH and 50% RO. Substrate: a layer of...