1. R

    Nano Tank Evolution

    Hey y'all! I'm an old saltwater and fancy goldfish keeper (Ranchus are my weak spot), but I haven't kept fish for probably 20 years... until now! As you can imagine, things have changed a lot since I worked in fish stores in high school in the late 80's when I used undergravel filters on my...
  2. D

    Some One Use With Twinstar Nano Plus ?

    hey some one use with TWINSTAR Nano Plus ? i would know some review about this product if its worth it thanks for advanced
  3. IMG_20190825_121521914_HDR


    3gal Walsad method nano Haze clearing, MTS happily running all over the place, plantlets showing no stress and doing plant things again.
  4. Gary 'Crazygar' MacDonald

    Upgrading/and Nano Lighting

    I am currently running 2 X Finnex Planted+ FugeRay over my Nano Planted (Fluval EBI Tank, only the tank itself, 11.9" X 11.9" X 13" Tall) and have decided I prefer a more modern look and lighting. Running pressurized CO2, EI Dosing so output won't be the issue. Currently have a nice carpet of...
  5. Hydroponic

    Nano Tank: Aquascaping And Horticulture Training

    Hello everyone, First of all, I'd like to introduce myself. I've been keeping planted tanks for a long time now (over 13 years), and recently I've decided to set up a nano planted tank to hone some skills and to practice aquascaping in a friendly platform. This tank started as 35x16x21(H) cm...
  6. Sahiri

    Wanted: Looking For A Nano Solenoid

    I am hoping someone has upgraded CO2 and isn't using one of these any longer. I am looking for a regulator with a solenoid that connects to nano CO2 cartridges with 5/8"-18 UNF thread (typically 88g and 95g cartridges). It will look basically like this one.
  7. Sahiri

    Lights For Nano Tanks

    Greetings! I am looking for manufacturer suggestions for lighting a nano tank. My tank dimensions are: 9.6 L x 8 W x 9.2 H. It is a rimless tank. I would like to be able to properly support Hemianthus callitrichoides along with other small plants such as staurogyne. I do have pressurized co2...
  8. A

    Nano, Low-tech, Planted Tank Help - Plants Struggling

    I’ve set up a 2.5g tank, which has been established for around 2 and a half months. I’ve added 6 neon tetras who seem to be doing well, but aside from the anubias on the driftwood (which still has some diatom issues) I’m concerned about the other plants in the tank, there is lilipucia at the...
  9. L

    New Nano Non-co2 Attempt And Questions...

    Hi all. I have a small nano 4 gallon that I've been attempting to establish for a 9 months or so and have been unsuccessful. So, I'm going to try again utilize the knowledge here more extensively. I've read Tom's non-co2 method article, of course, at the very beginning and thought I was doing...
  10. Allwissend

    12b_1of9 Journal

    Based on the recent activity on the forum you would think I was only able to grow algae...As I mentioned in the algae journal thread ( ) I recently treated a small aquarium for cladophora and hair algae with the 1-2 punch. I am now re-purposing...