1. Fissidens adianthoides -emersed

    Fissidens adianthoides -emersed

    Fissidens adianthoides, Maidenhair Fissidens. Emersed. Mixed with unknown moss species.
  2. Fissidens fontanus - submersed

    Fissidens fontanus - submersed

    Fissidens fontanus growing in a river in eastern Ontario, Canada.
  3. snarkingturtle

    Any Bryophiles? Requesting help with wild moss ID. Also a non-moss plant. Pic heavy!

    UPDATE Pool moss (and possibly stream moss) is probably Leptodictyum riparium (Streamside Leptodictyum moss, Wet Thread Moss Macrophyte is probably water speedwell Veronica catenata Willow moss is Fontinalis dalecarlica or Cupped Water Moss / Slender Water Moss I would like to ID two mosses...